We adore the fact that Preppy chic managed to preserve its indubitable popularity. Thanks to the multitude of style brands who furnish us with mesmerizing collections we have the chance to keep our wardrobe up-to-date with the newest trends.

The Jaeger Boutique Spring 2011 Lookbook provides us with an army of style inspirations worth skimming through before piling up the key clothing elements for an A-list look.

In order to be sure your look is inspiring and built up with creativity, take a closer peek at this visionary style gallery. Preppy doesn’t necessarily mean bold, in fact this concept is synonymous with refinement and classy tailoring. Signature and too-cool-to-miss prints will help you fall in love with your flirty side and highlight it as often as it’s possible. School-girl spring looks suit all silhouettes and would secure your top position on the contemporary trendsetters’ list.

Minimalism is the fashion buzz term of the season allowing us to sport the most refined looks. In order to nail down the Preppy style outfits, there’s no need to empty your pockets and spent large sums on the basic clothing items and accessories, instead work with your wardrobe staples and fuse these into a complex and at the same time extremely comfy apparel.

Cardigans and trench coats are the key cover-up designs to crown your attire, whereas the stylish printed dresses and cute shorts will grant you with the privilege of building up a flawless street chic wardrobe. Work with textures and proportions to find the most flattering fashion items you can wear regardless of the style of the events you are preparing for. Jaeger is the fashion house famous for providing the fashion pack with wearable and girly collections.

Prints will be your secret weapon to turn your outfit into a real style manifesto. Stripes, abstract designs and the classy polka dots are here to ease your styling job. Sport stylish tops, skirts and lovely retro-chic inspired polka dot dresses to make sure you go for the safest option to stand out from the crowd. Finesse and delicacy are some of the impressions these looks radiate. Don’t deprive yourself of the chance to unleash your fashion fantasies and come up with brand new ideas on how to re-organize your wardrobe.

If you’re not a pro with accessorizing, keep things simple and classy. Flats and the dapper handbags designs of the season will help you crown your apparel with an extra glam factor. Additionally, experiment with the effect of retro-chic black sunglasses that seem to complement all the Audrey Hepburn-inspired dainty looks. The Jaeger Boutique Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook will teach you all the ‘it’ style hints to maintain your spotless style reputation all throughout the season.

Image courtesy of Jaeger