The well known American retailer J. Crew has recently launched the latest spring summer collection for 2011 in New York at the Milk Studios. The fun and and colorful collection that perfectly highlights the summer spirit seems to have been inspired by the paintings of Hans Hoffman.

Taking into account the wonderful source of inspiration it should come as no surprise that the collection mesmerized the audience and caused fashion critics to write laudatory reviews about the styles presented.

Style diversity is undoubtedly one of the strongest points of the collection if we take into account the fact that the styles presented have interesting casual and semi formal combinations. Aside from the eye catching combinations that invariably attract attention we can also notice several interesting variations of the mainstream trends of 2011. Well chosen accessories as well as alluring styles that can satisfy a grand variety of taste have definitely had a great impact on the overall success of the collection.

Aside from prints, variations of other important trends have been spotted throughout the collection. Although mini skirts were an important part of the collection we could also spot the midi skirts trend as well as long skirts which can be an ideal choice for those who who are more conservative in this area. The stripe fashion trend was also well represented along with some interesting style combinations suggestions.

Wide leg pants are as well as neutral shades were other important highlights as the collection. Aside from the minimalistic white trend shades like pale blue, ivory, khaki, beige, subtle shades of yellow or black also made up an important part of the collection. With the help of a few well chosen accessories such as vests, belts or handbags the outfits were made interesting and fashionable.

The interesting print styles are among the first ones that usually capture the viewer’s attention thanks to the interest they tend to add to any outfit. If fashion designers have chosen to focus their attention on well known themes such as animal prints or floral prints, the J Crew chose a more eclectic approach relying on more abstract prints.

Another trend that comes as no surprise is the denim fashion trend. Taking into account the predominant casual chic attitude present all throughout the collection, the popular trend comes as a natural extension. Aside from the casual tone that can be noticed, we can also notice a few less usual combinations that are worth taking into account.

First, the masculine and feminine touches are perfectly combined in order to create a powerful yet chic look. Blazers are used intelligently to create a more interesting overall effect. One of the combinations that attracted the most attention due to the its rather unusual character was a long sequined dress and a casual denim shirt. The versatility of the trend as well as the multitude of mixing and matching options available is adequately demonstrated in just a few of the examples illustrated below.

All in all the J. Crew collection for spring summer 2011 is undoubtedly one that is worth taking into account by those who are looking for affordable ways to update their wardrobe as it undoubtedly has some interesting style suggestions style-conscious women can take advantage of.

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