Choosing to pay more attention towards the new trends can definitely help you define your own fashion style and the Irwin&Jordan spring 2011 fashion collection poses as a great source of inspiration so take a peek at the following fab designs!

Taking a glimpse at the new fashion trends can help you discover and update your own fashion style so you can always look trendy and up to date as far as fashion goes. Fashion plays a very important role when it comes to style and physical appearance so try your best to adapt your style to the new fashion trends but mostly to your personality. Irvin & Jordan has created a fabulous fashion collection for the spring 2011 season which can be a perfect match for women who love fashion and want to opt for a chic look.

The Irwin & Jordan spring 2011 fashion collection exudes glamor and has a very Parisian chic air. Zoe Jordan, the designer for the Irwin and Jordan brand has an extraordinary talent to combine casual chicness with pure elegance. The designs feature very clean and soft lines so there nothing that would state “too much” in the collection.

Incredible you can find very glamorous and elegant designs in the collection such as lace dresses but also more boy-ish influenced outfits such as masculine blazers, shirts and hats. However the collection gorgeously manages to maintain a perfect balance so femininity and style are always maintained highly visible.

The fashion items created by Zoe Jordan for her Irwin & Jordan label are absolutely divine and can pose as a great option for women with different fashion styles and body types. This means you will be able to select an uber-stylish outfit which suits the occasion as well as new trends so you can look gorgeous at any time. Fabulous loose shorts, gorgeous low cleavage shirts, masculine inspired blazers, loose dresses, vests, carrot pants are only a few of the fabulous fashion items which can be mixed and match to create an incredibly stylish outfit.

It seems that the fabrics used by Zoe Jordan for the spring 2011 collection follow the same style of the collection, clean and high quality. Thus lace and silk can be considered the dominant fabrics used and this is absolutely perfect. Lace and silk are incredibly feminine, comfortable, sexy and can be used to create different outfits.

The fabrics and colors used to create the collection collaborate perfectly and boost the clean chic style of the collection. Gray, blue, beige, gray-brown, white and cream are the dominant colors which are used in the collection and this brings simplicity which is considered by most the best approach to a fabulous outfit!

The three things which seems to have inspired Zoe Jordan for the spring 2011 collection are modern watercolors, Chinese contemporary artists and the quintessential English garden party, and these details can be easily found throughout the collection. Fashion is to love and this collection definitely underlines this statement!

Photos courtesy of Irwin & Jordan