While floral prints may work when you want to achieve a flirty romantic style, tribal prints can help you create interesting,colorful outfits that will definitely be out of the ordinary and, if worn right can attract a lot of positive comments. In other words, if you are not afraid to try something new and be on the spotlight, tribal prints are definitely an option that you should consider.

Vibrant and energetic colors are the leading words that describe this fascinating fashion trend. While designers everywhere have different visions when it comes to ethnic tribal prints one thing’s for sure: you can create amazing outfits as long as you follow a set of a few simple rules. Here’s what you need to know to make sure that you look fabulous regardless of whether you choose to fully embrace this trend or you prefer to stay on the safe side and only use certain tribal elements to take your style to the next level.

If you opt for a dress that has strong bold vividly colored prints it’s important to pay attention to the rest of your outfit to avoid looking like a fashion victim. The texture of the material, the dominant colors of the prints, the fabric and the occasion you are dressing for all aspects that you need to consider to make the best possible choice.

A safe bet is to choose a neural color that is also found in the printed dress and pick the rest of your accessories in that color. Choosing a vivid color for your shoes and accessories is another option, however it can prove to be too strong. That ‘s why it’s recommended to stick to neutral colors for you shoes and accessories (if they are absolutely necessary) and to make sure that the fabrics are not too contrasting.

Things get a little easier if you only choose wear prints as a part of your outfit. If you choose a tribal printed top make sure that the bottom half of the outfit has a neural light color and a similar color with the prints for your shoes. Make sure to keep the makeup simple and natural to avoid striking contrasts. As a general rule, whenever the outfit is very daring the makeup should be minimal, with nude colors. Another easy way to wear prints is by choosing a tribal printed vest and wear it with a simple and stylish outfit. That way a boring monochromatic outfit is instantly transformed into a modern outfit in a matter of seconds.

Tribal accessories are definitely a a good idea for those who want to experiment with this awesome style without going over the top. A cute colored tribal bag can convince even the most skeptic of us to embrace this style. A pattered belt can instantly cheer up any outfit as long as it matches the style of the outfit. And of course, we should never forget what well chosen tribal jewelry can do for our outfit.

When it comes to tribal jewelry you virtually have unlimited options. Long dangling earrings, bejeweled gem bracelets or wooden bangles, funky rings, bold necklaces can successfully compliment your outfit as long as you don’t wear too much of them at once. As far as necklaces are concerned , for a tribal inspired look choose oversized chunky pieces or wood beaded necklaces with complete confidence. Remember that when it comes to prints,less is truly more and if you choose a certain piece as the focal point all the other elements should be subdued to avoid an unflattering look.