From designers’ point of view, turquoise is the star color this season, that will keep its intensity throughout the entire year. Combination and variations on this theme are not only allowed but rather encouraged. Be bold and mix different colors in this palette. In this sens, are lucky both those with dark and fair complexion.

As we already know, turquoise combines water and air elements, and is inspired by nature, by the environment. It perfectly completes a casual outfit as well as one for a more special occasion. In the same time, the texture of the clothes depends and the occasion.

Therefore, for an evening event, it is advisable a more sober color with different turquoise applications or accessories, dark blue, beads, dots, stripes or flowers. If you choose an elegant turquoise dress, wear it with shoes and accessories in shades of white pearl, silver, bronze, or if you are bolder why not to try violet. If you go for the last variant or any other bold color, your accessories must be in neutral colors.

If you are more into the casual look and you don’t want to stand out, you can wear a turquoise dress or blouse with brown or cream-colored shoes or accessories. For those who love hippie style and playing with colors mixing turquoise with vermilion red, ochre or brown accessories is a great choice.

If you love to draw all the attention, you can match turquoise with fuchsia, two strong colors, cold and warm, that mixed together they emphasize each other. You can also pair a turquoise top or blouse with skinny jeans and flat sandals in a bright color. For an everyday look, a neutral colored blazer or cardigan could successfully finish the look.

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As we have seen, turquoise is a very versatile color that is easy to wear and match. Therefore, you can pair it with neutrals and browns, reds and pinks, deep blues, green, yellow-green and fuchsia. As for turquoise accessories, these can be worn with almost everything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches.

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