This spring orange is popping out everywhere on the runways. Being one of the most cheerful colors of the hot season, it has the magical power to lift your spirits and brighten up a dull morning.

Orange is a beautiful but tricky color. It can wonderfully flatter your features but if your skin is pale, you better stay away from wearing this bold color close to your face as you may look washed out and even more pale. Opt for wearing it instead as an accessory like shoes, bags or belts.

Exotic coral shades, bright tangerines and vibrant orange colors have all lined up on the runways this season. Nice and fun tones that bring accent to your neutral outfits and make you stand out from the crowd. If you have a fair skin tone, use orange as a flattering accent color or shop for lighter, less vibrant, creamy shades. Women with brown hair and olive complexion are very lucky because every shade of orange works really well with their skin tone, especially warmer, tropical, vibrant hues.

When opting for clothes in orange color, make sure that you match them with the right neutrals such as gray, khaki, white, brown or black. The easiest way to find out whether orange shades suit your face is to hold the chosen piece of garment near your face when you are trying on clothes at the store. If your face gets a nice highlight then you can be sure that orange color will look amazing on you. But if you see that your face looks even more fair and dull, you better opt for a more advantageous color.

If you think that orange is not the most flattering color for you, a touch of cheerfulness here and there can really spice up your wardrobe and lift your spirits. Accessorize with chic belts, stylish shoes or handbags, trying out fashionable headbands, bracelets and necklaces to bring life to a plain looking casual outfit. Subtle, soft orange hues can look wonderful in case of formal or casual clothes as well. Orange is a perfect color to enhance your features and create a funky urban style.

When you choose to wear orange shades, go for a simple, natural makeup and avoid striking, bold colors. In the case of this sunny, energetic color, the main thing is to find those tones that suit your face and enhance your figure. Don’t let your clothes get over you and attract more attention than your natural beauty. Orange color is full of life and it also has plenty of gorgeous tones that you can choose from in order to find the perfect one.

If you are not used to wearing bright tones like this, but you want to try out a new and exciting color for the hot season, try to add just a hint of orange to your closet by purchasing garments with orange prints. When you feel more confident about this bright, statement color, you can shop for more orange pieces and get ready to shine this summer.