Sexy lingerie can be quite important in a relationship since it makes the woman feel more feminine and can also wake a mans interest, adding a little bit of spice to the moment.

To pleasantly surprise your boyfriend or your husband you can wear different types of lingerie. Women’s lingerie come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Depending on everyone’s taste you can choose whatever style you think suites your taste.

If you are a little more daring you can try to wear a sexy costume like schoolgirl lingerie, maid lingerie, sailor lingerie or whatever you might think would suit your character.

If, however, you are not into dressing up you can wear c-through underwear, lace underwear or more simple outfits.

You can wear matching lace hold ups or stockings if you are wearing an outfit that can be worn with stockings.

Wear high heels or high heel boots to make your legs look more longer and slimmer, also wearing heels will arch your back that men can’t resist – so that’s why men love women in sexy lingerie and high heels.

If you are looking to surprise your man and spice things up in the bedroom wear sexy lingerie and see how it goes. For sure he will not be unpleasantly surprised by it and he’ll definitely like it.

There are several stores which specialize in women’s underwear or you can even purchase them online since they are cheaper than boutique -bough lingerie.

Photos: Victoria’s Secret