One of the latest fashion trends are the latex leggings. Latex leggings have been inspired from the glam rock outfits and they are taking the fashion world by storm.

Many celebrities like, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ashley Olsen, Beyonce have been spotted rocking these leggings and they look fabulous.

They are really great because they are tight around the legs therefore making them stand out.

If your legs look good you can definitely pull off latex leggings because they look like a second skin. Knowing how to wear latex leggings can make you stand out and be admired by everyone but if you accessorize them unproperly, you might end up looking like you’re wearing a superhero costume.

Wear latex leggings with a long tunic, a long, cropped T-shirt or a skirt that covers up your bottom. They should be worn with ballet shoes, high heals and boots only. Avoid wearing them with sneakers because you will look awkward.

The shiny rockstar vintage look doesn’t match with a sporty look at all. If you have a killer body and want to show it off, these leggings will make sure you are noticed.