Our body shape can play a crucial role when organizing our outfit. From the selection of accessories to the basic clothing items, all should be picked according to the basic traits of our figure. From the length of the legs as well as the size of the waist and also the height, all can contribute to the overall effect of our appearance. The knee-high socks trend also appeals to the skin-flashing technique which can turn an innocent college chic look into a romantic and summer breezy allure. Valued designers managed to compose unique fashion operas that grant the public with infinite ideas on how to rock the must have trends of spring/summer 2010. Socks also entered the Hall of Fame of accessories due to their expressive and universal quality. The once hidden details are now exposed as the socks and lingerie. This style aspiration represents one of the revolutionary and oh-so-popular voguish inventions of the last decade. In order to master the skills of accessorizing a knee-high socks make sure you read through the following useful principles:

Alexander Wang 2010 Alexander Wang 2010


It is extremely important to choose the right length of the socks. Indeed, as the name denotes, this trend encourages the wear of knee-high socks. However, it is still important to consider whether this accessory works for our body shape. Undoubtedly, similar accessories shift the attention to the thighs. Therefore, if you are not totally satisfied with your parameters, make sure you devote more effort to selecting the right designs.

Those who struggle with a few extra-inches in this section should go for socks that reach just below the knees and not a bit over them. This is the ideal alternative to still adopt this trend. A similar choice will have a miraculous slimming effect on your silhouette since it accentuates the lower part of your legs as nice and lean ankles rather than slightly thick thighs. Make them loose rather than too tight to feel comfortable and give some space for your skin to breathe naturally.

Albino 2010 Albino 2010 Albino 2010 Albino 2010

Basic Clothing Items

Accessorizing these fashionable style items also requires meticulous preparation. As master designers as Alexander Wang, Albino and last but not least Antonio Marras illustrate, you are free to layer knee-high socks as well as wear them on your bare skin. Pairing them with your figure has to be the main point of departure. For a smashing effect you can also wear these socks over the tights adding a tint of funk to the whole attire. Choose either a complementary tone or a contrastive one, depending on the effect you wish to create.

Patterns are also important to tackle. Those who are brave enough to sport the latest digital prints as well as polka dots and even floral patterns have free hand to do it. On the other hand, some might be more willing to embed this detail into a neutral-toned outfit. Then it is highly recommended to select from the plain still colorful designs that won’t make a vision-challenging impression. Shorts both extra-short and boyfriend style ones as well as sack dresses look fabulous when paired with these accessories. Crown your look with heels that either blend into the overall outfit or make a statement with their vibrating shade. This will offer a guaranteed lenghthening effect to your legs.

Antonio Marras 2010 Antonio Marras 2010


As it is considered in the style industry, dark colors will create a slimming effect. As a consequence, it is advisable to sport similar tones of black, purple as well as brown when you are not pleased with your legs. However, this will also have a dapper effect due to the contrast with your skin tone. Those who have a fair complexion will be thrilled to make a statement with black knee-high socks. Whereas olive skin will work perfectly with light tones.

Light tones work perfectly for those who would like to attract immediate attention to their outfit. Ivory as well as light pink, blue and green are romantic and classic tones that can be best emphasized in their matte shade. Add an innocent and old-time class flair to your look by matching the knee-high socks with pumps and floating skirts, dresses and tops. You can also go for transparency to blend the colors with your natural skin tone.

Images via Style.com, Elle.com