Boyfriend shirts can look extremely cute and effortlessly trendy on girls. Men’s shirts spent more time in the fashion spotlight than boyfriend jeans or boyfriend blazers that became very popular lately. Men usually think that women wearing men’s clothes are sexy, and girls like to enjoy the sensation of freedom these clothes confer to them. You love this style and want to wear boyfriend shirts but still want to look feminine? Check out our tips below and learn how to add a little feminine touch to look comfy and gorgeous in your favourite boyfriend shirts!

How to find the right boyfriend shirt?

Women’s lines usually design well-fitting boyfriend shirts and menswear styles but if you want to obtain a more original look, go for those shirts that are a few sizes larger than you would usually purchase. A trendy boyfriend shirt has to be longer, hitting below your bottom, much like tunics, that are very hot fashion items this season as well. For a casual chic look, boyfriend shirts should look a bit oversized on you, so don’t worry if here and there they are a little baggy on you.

How to wear it?

To achieve a more feminine look, match your boyfriend shirts with tight, well-fitting pants. Don’t forget that your reason is not to look frumpy, but more trendy and chic. Therefore, a great option would be to wear skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings with your favorite boyfriend shirts. Oversized shirts can easily be counterbalanced with fitted bottoms and you are ready to make a statement. These are really hot items this year, but for a tasteful look, make sure that your shirt is long enough, below your bottom. You can even put on belts that should be worn on the low waist or on your hips. Complete your look with stylish accessories: long necklaces, bold bracelets and put on a pair of chic stilettos.

Boyfriend shirt DOs

For a retro look, wear it tucked in, with high-waisted pants.

Match it with tight fitted jeans, leggings, denim shorts, or cut-off shorts.

In warmer weather, roll up the sleeves of your boyfriend shirt to have a casual chic style.

Wear it with mini dresses and feminine tanks to give your look an extra girly note.

For a bad girl look pair it with tight jeans and a leather jacket. Accessorize with funky necklaces and bracelets.

Boyfriend shirt DON’Ts

If your boyfriend shirt doesn’t fall past your bottom, avoid wearing it with leggings because it can blast your whole outfit. Match it instead with tight pants or skinny jeans.

Never match a boyfriend shirt with loose pants and boyfriend jeans, unless you want to be confused with your boyfriend.

Play with colors, patterns and opt for a funky collar that brings fun to your chic casual style.