Bows have been used in fashion, to emphasize or accessorize, but they have never been as big as they are now. Everywhere we turn, we see a bow. They became a fashion trend since they are applied on everything from shoes, to purses, headbands, blouses, jackets, necklaces, earrings even underwear.

What make bows so special? Well bows are a symbol of strength and femininity so that is why they are popular. They look great and they can transform an outfit from simple to fabulous just like that.

This trend is cute indeed if the bows act as an accessory and don’t make the outfit look overwhelming. The simpler the look the better. It is very important to know what size the bow should be depending on your figure.

Bow Back Denim DressBow Back Dress

For example if you are buying a pair of shoes with a bow or a blouse that has a bow applied and the bow is too big and you are petite, it will look disproportioned. It will draw attention upon your stature, so go for a smaller bow.

It’s the exact opposite for girls that are chubbier, if they opt for a bow that is too small compared to their body it will have an impact and will emphasize their figure. So a simple bow can take you from looking good to looking your worst, emphasizing everything you normally want to hide.

Bow Peplum DressBow Dress

This is why it is very important to choose your clothing carefully. Bows look great and they can change the appearance of an outfit in a second, making it look more sophisticated and feminine. This is why bows are such a huge success. Choose them right and you will look outstanding.

Bow ShirtOversized Bow Dress

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