Animal print didn’t fade into oblivion in the fashion world – every season has its own tricks to include it into the group of popular patterns.

However, it is quite tricky to pull off animal printed clothes, shoes or accessories successfully.

From big cat prints to giraffe zebra or reptile, you can find several pieces on the market.

Believe it or not the key to wearing clothes with animal print lies in our personalities. If you tend to dress simple without attracting attention, opt for subtle pieces that have animal print like a handbag, flats, animal print bangles, etc.

Always start with the patterned item, whether you choose shoes, belt or shawl, start from bottom heading toward the top. The reason is that it’ s much easier to find a top, a shirt or other pieces that match the shades of the patterned piece, than viceversa.

Don’t wear more than one or two pieces of clothing or accessories with animal print – the effect will be rather cluttered than stylish.

Stick to earthy, neutral hues – white, black, various shades of brown and khaki, beige as well as camel are perfect colors to match any animal print.

Animal prints on clothes are daring enough so keep it simple, it is sexy enough don’t pair them with red or pink shoes. Multi-colored shoes and animal prints don’t match unless you want to create a punk outfit.

Fortunately fashion designers succeeded in imitating the natural animal prints, this way when wearing animal prints, you don’t have to feel bad about it, these are just imitations.