Use Cardigans To Layer There is no need to spend more money to create a more versatile wardrobe. Instead, cardigans are a great way to layer. One cardigan can give you numerous options to layer those items that you already have. Pull out the outfit that you want to wear for the day, and match it with a cardigan that suits your style. You can layer them over almost anything for a trendy casual appereance. Cardigans will offer new dimension to your formal attire also. Pair a long belted cardigan with a feminine pencil skirt and an elegant silk shirt. You can also match a simple, elegant dress with a loose cardigan, that looks gorgeous if you keep it open. Add a belt to the same attire to create a flattering silhouette. Play with your creativity and experiment with stylish new looks.

Pair It With Jeans And Torusers For a bohemian style, wear a cardigan with jeans and casual shirts. A long sleevy cardigan looks great over a long shirt and skinny jeans. Complete your look with tall boots or ballet flat shoes.To add a little flavor to your style, match a shorter cardigan with wide-leg trousers. Longer cardigans can look really nice with with low waist jeans or trousers and you can even accesorize with a waist belt for a chic casual look.

Add A Trendy Belt To give your long cardigan more structure and add a completely different look to your outfit, you can opt for a great belt, be it skinny or wide. It is an amazing way for shorter people to accentuate their waist. Ideas are endless, so be ready to use your imagination and let your friends be impressed with your excellent fashion taste.

Button Or Unbutton You can either open a few buttons on your cardigan, leave it open all the way or button it completely. For a more casual look, you can leave it open to accentuate your neck line and your stylish accessories. Another great option can be to button just the top two or three buttons to add even more originality to your casual otufit.

Add A Touch Of Retro For a little retro note, pin a brooch or a fun corsage on your favourite sweater and throw a scarf on for making your own fashion statement.

Play With Colours, Patterns And Accesories Sweaters with basic, neutral colors like balck, brown or beige are a must in every woman’s wardorbe. To add add extra versatility and bring excitement to your outfits choose brightly coloured cardigans also. For those who are braver, patterns can bring much fun to their outfits. Complete your look with stylish accessories like jewelry, and trendy handbags.