Tie dye is the process in which certain parts of a fabric are knotted and dipped in liquid fabric dye to create interesting and irregular patterns.

You can tie dye your shirts, dresses, skirts, headbands or even towels or old jeans. Here are some tips on how to tie dye your shirt.

You’ll need: A colored or white shirt, preferably 100% natural fibers. Fabric dyes Rubber bands Bowl or a bucket, one for each color is you wish to combine shades. Rubber gloves Stick for stirring

Choose a special room where you can start the tie dying process. If you want to protect your hands and clothes, you better put on rubber gloves.

Take the bowl or bucket and fill it with water. Pour the dye in it, in stores you can find dyes specially designed for this purpose.

Prepare the shirt for dying by washing it in warm water.  Choose the design you would like, you can even make a sketch, to know where to fold and crumple the shirt.

After you have chosen the pattern, knot the fabric tightly with rubber bands. The dye won’t color the part that you’ve rubberbanded. Make as many twists and knots as you wish.

Once the garment is ready, dip it into the dye and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. The longer remains in the dye the deeper the color will become.

After you’ve finished dying, allow it to dry for a couple of days, at least two, with the rubber bands on. When the shirt is finally dry, remove the bands and wash it gently and rinse until the water runs clean.

Experiment with an old sheet, then you’ll find it easier with other accessories or clothing.