Looking good when the weather outside is not so cooperative and doesn’t really allows you to play with different styles, can sometimes give you a bad headache. We want to feel warm, yet we want to look hot and stay stylish too. It is hard to imagine a mini skirt in December without looking rather frightened. However, with just some tips you can adopt a stylish surviving look during winter. Take a peek and get ready to melt all the ice with your hot winter style.

Finding the right winter coat should be the first and probably one of the most important things you should do in order to rock winter style. An essential piece for cold, windy days, the coat should always be chosen based on your body type.

For winter 2010, you can opt for a beautiful camel coat as seen at Chloé or a khaki trench coat as spotted at Burberry Prorsum. On the other hand, you should also consider a white coat or a cape. These are two special choices that have a regal and glowing touch able to brighten a gloomy winter day and add a polished feeling to your look. This way, you won’t have to worry for looking dull and out of style. However, if you are concerned that white might be inappropriate for winter dirt, you can also take into consideration some timeless colors, such as black, gray, or brown.



Another way to boost your style during winter is fur in a more polaresque approach. Of course, we are talking about faux fur, highly used by fashion designers for this season’s collections, that can also be a very chic option, not only for evening events, but also for a daytime, casual outfit. Try the fur or the shearling jacket or coat and mix it with different basic items in order to avoid a shapeless look. Take for example an all-black outfit with tights, a pull-d ress, boots, and pair it with a cozy furvest or jacket.

Usually, during winter we tend to adopt boring, dark colors, such as black or brown. However, in order to stand out and break the monotony, why not going for one colored item, such as a pair of colored pants or more colorful accessories. Winter doesn’t necessary mean darkness and dull, gray outfits. Or, you can bet on another hot trend for fall/winter 2010-2011, and that is the leopard print. Choose it to spice up your basic outfits whether you are opting for a clothing item or an accessory, such as a hat, scarf, or a handbag, or even a pair of pants. You might also add a colored belt or one with a leopard print over a trench.



Knits are so “in” this season. They are versatile and very practical. Moreover, they are the perfect choice for freezing winter days. Don’t be afraid to use them and make the most of them. If you are afraid that they are not too protective, remember that layering not only reflects creativeness, but also a good sense of style. Therefore, everything is wearable during winter, even dresses, skirts, or short sleeved pieces. Consider matching a flowy, feminine dress with a cardigan on top, a belt, and tights. When it comes to layers, you have so many different possibilities.

Accessories represent those special pieces that can totally make the difference. Therefore, it is very important to pay a lot of attention when choosing them, even during winter. A well-chosen, stylish hat is a must-have not only because it keeps you warm, but it can also be a posh, chic option. For example, a fedora hat or other different designs of the stylish winter hats you most love. Another fashionable accessory is the scarf. Choose one based on the color of your coat. Keep in mind that gloves can also be very classy and chic, especially if they are made from a softer, thinner fabric with different feminine applications, or those made from leather.