Ever went to shopping, got back home and realized that half the stuff you’ve bought don’t really like and want to return them, or throw the purchases in the closet and never wear them.

OK, let’s see how can we avoid this by taking into consideration some ‘smart shopping’ rules!

If you want efficient shopping go alone – I know, shopping is so much fun with you best friend, but you’ll also risk getting influenced and can end up home with stuff you actually don’t really like.

If you’re not used to wear heels on everyday basis and wear only flats, it would be ideal to carry a pair of pumps with you when shopping – to find the ideal trouser-length or see if the dress you want to buy will match your favorite pair of heels.

Every time you go shopping, take the underwear/lingerie with you that you’ll wear under the top/dress you wan to buy, for obvious reasons.

Tips for Smart Shopping

When choosing a piece of clothing, find a place in the shop with natural light to see its true color. Most of shops use a mix of fluorescent and halogen lighting in their fitting rooms; so e.g. blue might look brown and a brown might look red if cool HID lamps are used. Then when you wear it outside the store after you’ve bought it, it looks way different.

Get your camera with you and take pictures of the outfits you try on. This way, it will be easier to decide what you like and what to buy. Chances to buy stuff you’ll regret are very small.

Try to avoid buying ‘IT’ fashion pieces that every fashionista want! Any product promoted in huge ad campaigns and worn by celebrities become a must-have item that everyone’s starting to wear …so choose something else and be unique.

Make sure you try on anything you buy. Sizes vary from brand to brand.

Never ignore the fabric of clothes you want to buy are made of – generally choose natural, skin-friendly fabrics like wool and cotton.