If your are inspired enough you might engage into a journey of style when you are allowed to explore your inner fantasies of wearing different patterns in the same outfits. Fashion gurus guarantee that it will be both exciting and cathartic if you manage to follow some tiny guidelines. At first it might seem that polka dots and stripes have nothing in common.

Wrong, in the multitude of prints these shapes can harmonize in a dazzling way. All you have to do is find the middle road between looking edgy still voguish. Here are the basic ideas that can help you in sporting some stunning attires and mix the prints with style.

Military and Floral

The Beauty and the Beast combo might surprise the public, however great style pros managed to mix these two patterns into a smashing look. The ruggedness of the military print and the feminine and breezy floral prints seem to work amazingly. The only condition to match them is to choose one that is dense and one more sparse. This way you’re look won’t be stuffed to extremes and you’ll enjoy the visual harmony of the look.

Try a floral patterned dress or a nice A-line skirt and pair it with a military jacket. Don’t worry you’ll be spotted immediately since this unusual combination will attract the attention of others. Wear your clothes with confidence to radiate that you mean business.

Stripes and Floral

The key to make this look work is to follow the basic condition for a fab outfit, namely to choose a small print rather on the bottom and a larger, more eye-popping one on the top. Stripes are multi-functional patterns these can work with almost all the others. Try out all the combos to see the result, then all you have to do when start organizing your attire that you choose similar colors or ones that match one another.

This is the secret to dress down your edgy look into a pleasant and polished appearance. Make sure to wear clothes that flatter your body shape and even your skin tone. The emphasize is on the effect your want to create.

Graphic and Animal

Animal prints are bold enough to draw popping eyes, however the graphic patterns will ideally serve as blending agent. These will successfully create the visual transition from one pattern to the other to make it more enjoyable to our sight. The best way to top the look is to use accessories that will further complete the image.

Choose ones that match either the piece on the lower half or the upper half of the body. Those who are too shy to apply this trick on the whole outfit might experiment with mixing the patterns of the accessories with the clothes. Animal print skirt or pants and Graphic printed scarf.