Ripped jeans fashion is indeed a hip trend this season. Whether you buy jeans that are ripped beforehand or you make your own piece, ripped and distressed wholes are must-haves this summer.

The following ideas will help you in saving some money as well as in living out your creative fantasies. Read these handy tricks on how to rip your jeans fashionably.

The whole process is preceded by careful planning. First of all you have to choose the pair of jeans you want to makeover. Whether it’s a brand new pair or a an old pal, the point is to be ambitious enough to sacrifice it.

It’s useful to look for stylish jeans in magazines or copycat the style celebrities wear. All these ideas will serve as inspiration for the ripping process.Choose the shape and size. It’s essential to pre-plan it, if you want to be spontaneous you might take a huge risk.

Put on your jeans and mark the spots that should be ripped with a washable pen.These might look different if placed on the floor, so you better try it on beforehand.

Take off the pants, don’t try to start ripping it while wearing it. These are essential safety measures to take.

What you’ll need:

Rough SandpaperScissors

Step 1. The first step is to rub the sandpaper over the spots that will be torn. Make a slight hole with it, this will help you in making the fabric look ultra-stylishly worn out and used. Extra hard sandpaper works best for this. Include the pockets as well, to make it more original.

ripped jeans

Step 2. After you finished with rubbing use the scissors to ease those cuts. Define the size and width of all those holes. Be careful with washing these might become larger.

Make it perfect without any exaggeration. Use sandpaper again to make these carefully done cuts fray in a stylish way.

Step 3. Wash your jeans after ripping add some bleaching solution if you want a dramatic effect. Let your pants dry naturally, for a hippie shake, avoid line dry. Wear it with confidence paired with a a simple plain top for a smashing casual look.