Summer is already knocking at the door and for many can give reasons to panic. It’s very important to feel confident when wearing bikinis, but how can you do that when you have real troubles with your skin and body.

If you want to look more attractive and be more confident about your body, let’s see some basic tips on how to look amazing stripped down to your bikini. To look fabulous in your favorite bikini, you have to make some preparations. Before actually wearing your swimsuit for the first time it would be advisable to go to the gym for a couple of occasions. You want an attractive figure and tone your buns and thighs and also your tummy.

Start these sessions 4-6 weeks before the BIG day.

To have a perfect skin color, you should get a tan before jumping into your bikinis. It depends on you whether you’re opting for sunbeds or sun-less bronzers. Being bronzed is a great advantage and can also boost your confidence.

Pairing your bikinis with various accessories is a great fun. Sunglasses, hats and sandals perfectly complete the overall image, play with the sizes and colors. Find the proper ones for your figure and style. First of all, you will have to evaluate your figure, take a good look in the mirror, and be true to yourself. Analyze your body shape and pinpoint the problem zones. Do you have a problem zone on the hips and behind area, or do you have more belly fat?

All these imperfections might be hidden and cleverly dealt with by using the optical illusion of the perfect swimsuit for you.

How to choose the top

For generous shoulders: avoid mini straps, a halter top or a bandeau top are perfect.

For narrow shoulders: the tri top is the choice.

For generous breasts: you should choose the right size in order to avoid embarrassing events.

For a small chest: choose a tiny bra, even smaller than your size and in this way your breast will look more generous; crochet bras are also hot for you.

How to choose the bottom

If you’ve got a nice waistline: choose the low-rider or tie side cut.

Few pounds extra on the waistline: go for the garter full.

If you’ve got a nice, tight behind: the sweetie buns cut or the thong is suitable for you.

For big hips: opt for a printed long wrapped skirt or pareo – prints will make you look slimmer and also hide your ‘big bones’.

If you want a one piece swimsuit

If you want to hide under a one piece swim suit, choose a cut that shows some skin – otherwise, you’ll be looking like a granny and boys do not dig that style at all.

What colors and prints

The colors that you should be wearing should be according to your skin tone. The white is very hip this season, but it only goes for bronzed skin.

So, if you have missed the sun this year, you should rather opt for some warmer colors such as orange, yellow or even red. The darker types of skin go well with blue, green, white and black.

Another way to mask the imperfections of your body is to choose lively colored, printed swim suits. The spectacle of the material will draw the attention from your fat bottom or unshaped belly.

Even if you are choosing a patterned swimsuit, make sure you choose the tones of color that are suitable for the color of your skin.