Did you find your legs a bit thicker than the average? If you got tired of masking them under large dresses and pants, here's the perfect remedy. Those who might find their body proportions unappealing, struggle with finding the right outfit that would camouflage this. Skim through these guidelines that help you hide thick legs and polish your style at the same time.

The world of fashion developed all kinds of tricks and tips on how to emphasize our strengths. However the most sought-after tips are always about how to camouflage certain beauty flaws. For a spotless look, everyone has to find the right clothes and accessories that would do the rest of the job for them. It is essential to proceed gradually when pulling off a breath-taking appearance, that's why it is worth guiding after some basic principles.

The purpose of fashion tricks is to offer loads of confidence to those who might not be totally satisfied with their image. Learning the mastery of style is the secret to create the illusion of thin and well-proportioned legs. Color, shape and pattern all contribute to the ideal result. Feel free to experiment with these ideas to find the ones that can be perfectly embedded in your own personal style.


Most girls with thick legs seem to find refuge in wearing large pants. This can only worsen the situation, believe me. Even if you don't want to draw the attention to them, it is still worth thinking about sporting feminine and stylish skirt that were designed for your body type.

The key is to choose floaty A-line skirts rather than ultra-tight ones that end in the middle of your calves.

The trick lies in the fact that a floaty skirt will enhance the blending of the upper and lower part of the legs, creating a uniform and polished look. Long skirts are also perfect especially if you're not too short.


This is probably one of your favorite masking piece of clothing. Indeed pants can offer you the proper camouflaging and confidence.

However this can also have an unfortunate outcome if you choose the wrong design.Fashion gurus created the full length pants specially for you. These due to their floaty and loose quality below the knee will miraculously equalize the overall effect of your legs.

Tight and tapered ones are voguish indeed, however there's no need to sport a style disaster look if not necessary. Celebrities proved that style consciousness is about being aware of your flaws and fortes. It is also worth mentioning that Capri pants are no-no when it comes of thick calves. These will shorten the legs and will expose the critical spots.


Footwear is top-notch when it comes of accessorizing. This case makes no exception. Choosing the right design can apparently lengthen and at the same time thin the calves. High heels seem to be the perfect solution to balance proportions. Moreover opt for chunky rather than narrow heels, that would only emphasize the thickness of legs. Peep-toes work great having the quality of shifting the attention from calves to beautiful feet.

Flats are really the best solution for you, especially when topped with ankle straps. These all are killer combos in the worst sense. The shortening of your legs will result in emphasizing your calves.pay special attention to how you select your shoes, since these will help you steal the show.