Fashion trends are changing every season making it hard for people to keep up with fashion. Certain clothing are not flattering for everyone so avoid wearing them if they don’t look good even if they are the newest trend and you love it.

Just because it’s the newest fashion trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it if it doesn’t flatter you. It’s better to wear clothes that make you feel good and emphasize your qualities not your flaws. If you are chubbier around the waist avoid wearing belly shirts. You are in luck since they aren’t is style anymore as they were taken out by long shirts. Wear long shirts that fit you well and are not too tight.

Don’t buy clothes that are a smaller size just because sometime in the past that was your size and you think you will loose weight because until you do you will wear it and it will look unappealing if every part of your tummy shows through it. Avoid baggy clothes as well, wear only clothes that are your size and fit you. Wear darker colors on top because they give a slimming effect. Also vertical stripes give a nice slimming effect.

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Tunics are very popular this season and are especially great because they hide that extra weight around the tummy. Wear straight dresses and jackets that fall past your waist, so they don’t draw the attention there.

If you have a tiny waist and bigger thighs avoid wearing belly shirts as well. They will bring out your waistline and emphasize the difference between your upper and your lower body. Wear blouses that fit you well and cover half your bottom. Wear tunics since they are very fashionable this season and high heels. High heels will make you taller, therefore slimming your lower half. Keep the lower half of your body simple and accessorize the top part with heavy necklaces and accessories to draw the attention to your upper body. Wear jeans that go straight from the hip to the ankles.

Accentuate your best features that way they will be the ones that will stand out.