Women want to look gorgeous in every situation. Big thighs are amongst the most problematic body parts women generally want to conceal in order to look thinner and feel sexier in their favorite clothes. Learn more about how to hide big thighs and select the proper clothes that highlight your assets and make you feel confident and sexy.

Every one has at least one area on her body that she is not satisfied with. Wide shoulders, a generous bust, a bulging tummy or short legs are all amongst those things women want to hide and visually make them appear more attractive.

Big thighs however, are generally the most difficult parts to disguise, since they are always visible and make you feel less confident about the lower half of your body. Thousands of women of all ages fight against this frustrating problem all over the world. But there is no need to panic, as there are some tricky fashion tips that might help you to cover your body flaws and show off your assets. Check out the following clothing tips to hide big thighs and learn how to wear your feminine curves with elegance and confidence.

Women with big thighs generally have smaller waist, which makes it difficult for them to find the right jeans and pants that fit perfectly on them. When you find a pair of jeans that fits great on your waist, your thighs usually look as if they were going to crack your pants.
Super tight jeans and pants will attract the eyes to your weak spots, visually making your tights appear even bigger than they are in reality. Therefore, always make sure you try on two different sizes and choose one which is a size larger, so that your tights will be less emphatic. Although the waist of the jeans will be larger, but it can be adjusted afterwards and more importantly your thighs will have more room.

Purchase some fabulous shapewear items, which create wonderful contours to your body, making your thighs appear slimmer and tighter. These underwear items are amazing choices when you would like to wear tight fitting evening dresses or elegant outfits.

If you want to camouflage your heavy thighs, dark colored jeans are great options. Black and indigo denim optically create smaller thighs and thinner legs, making you feel comfortable and sexy.
Pair them with bright colored tops, tees and shirts to accentuate your most advantageous parts and keep the focus on your upper body. Plain pants and flare jeans are really advantageous choices for your body shape, giving you a proportionate look and nice elongated legs.

Skirts are excellent choices to hide big thighs. While mini skirts do not fall into this category, some well chosen skirts will create a wonderful, sexy and lean figure.
Shop for long, flowing skirts that match your body type and highlight your femininity. These skirts offer you a great way to disguise the problematic parts, distracting the attention from the thigh area. Besides these, A-line skirts and dresses are really forgiving for your body flaws, creating the impression of a sleeker bottom half.

Another wonderful trick is to wear heels in neutral colors. Heels will nicely elongate your legs, creating a thinner, sexier silhouette. Shoes in nude colors add inches to our legs, thus being an absolute must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe who has bigger thighs.

Select longer tops and shirts to cover up large tights in a stylish, sophisticated way. Looser tops and flowy empire waist style shirts will look really hot on you, making you feel confident and attractive. Shop for colorful tops and oversized accessories, which keep they eyes on your nice upper body.

Learning how to dress for the characteristics of your individual body type will help you to enhance your assets and camouflage your less advantageous spots. This way you will be able to have a gorgeous appearance every day, feeling confident and attractive all the time.

Photos: asos.com Curve Collection