1992 witnessed the rise of an anti-style rather than well-defined fashion. Indeed a unisex trend emerged, joined by a ‘how to say’ suicidal music called ‘grunge’. A new era started that launched a new wave of perspectives and trends that will join generations all throughout the decades, finally being reinvented in our days.

The grunge scene flashed outfits characterized by decadence, low-key still comfort.

The media managed to cast the new urban collections to the catwalk. Calling this trend a real hip, music was indeed overshadowed by the media. Loyal followers thought that grunge is not about the outfits of the musicians but their lifestyle.

grunge stylegrunge style

The must haves of grunge fashion were long sleeved plaid shirts, hoodies, plaid shorts as well as jeans. Overalls especially worn-out and old stuff worked best for these fans. It suggested the decay and cold shoulder-ness of society.

It’s minimal, it’s comfy real Kurt Cobain like, who was beyond any doubt the god of grungies. Nirvana stays in the memory of fans and fashion designers as the symbol of all that grunge ever meant. Lifestyle, music and appearance combined into a real cult.

grunge stylegrunge stylegrunge style

Flannel, flannel and again flannel is the genuine fabric of the era. Color or pattern doesn’t matter, just make it look old. Ripped jeans and clothes are also signature pieces, live out your fantasy and design them yourself. Pre-ripped pants and clothes would look FAKE! Be true to the principles and color your shirts, make fab patches to your tees and sew any material to them.

Footwear is also practical still you have green way to make a grunge-hippie combo. Wear sneakers or boots, don’t over-polish them, it’s ridiculous! Be creative and complete your ‘groutfit’ with original accessories. It’s all about the attitude. Avoid looking like a poser do it with style!

Some aspects were reinvented by designers as Marc Jacobs, who preferred a more urban style, still grunge but with glamor. The trend can be revived without the zeitgeist also labeled as glam grunge. A style that features grunge basics as plaid shirts and girlie pieces.

Indeed celebrities seemed to slip into the style ‘just like that…’. Teen idols as Rachel Bilson and Mary-Kate Olsen flash some wicked outfits worth copycatting.