At your first date with a cute guy the way you look is pretty important; the way you dress says a lot about who you are and provides some important visual clues to your partner. Also, first date impressions can be lasting, so it is important to understand the messages you are sending with the fashion choices you make.

There are some factors you should consider when choosing an outfit.

What’s your partner’s style?Depending on his style you can opt to dress more “fashion” or classic, more sexy or austere-chic.

What’s the location of the date? Find out beforehand where the date is going to be, so you can judge how you want to dress.

Here are some items that are liked all men:

– open-back blouses– the little black cocktail dress– silk shirts– high heels– belt around the waist.

What you should know is that men doesn’t like too over the top outfits too sexy or too sober. Practically, men want a little bit of all, so our difficult mission is to dress/or not to their liking.

The most important thing is that you feel good, easy and not stressed. Meeting somebody new is exciting even if no magic happens, so go with the flow and enjoy it.

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