Adopting a fashion style that suits your body type and most importantly your personality is a must if you want to be admired for your beauty and style. Clothes have a magical ability to underline your individuality and give you an enormous amount of confidence if the right style for you is selected.

Casual chic outfits are the most popular outfits among girls due to the comfortable yet stylish look they manage to offer. Fashion trends chance every year and this year the new fashion trends have brought a variety of new styles into fashion, styles which give you endless options when it comes to creating a fabulously stylish outfit.

Learning how to dress casual chic is not difficult; the easiest way to learn how to dress fashionably and to adopt your own style is by following the new trends in fashion set by fashion designers from all over the world. The designer collections can offer you a better view of what is in and how to combine different elements to create a unique and spectacularly chic outfit. In order to do so you need to know what is in and how to combine these stylish fashionable items to obtain a gorgeous look that says YOU!

Try to look at fabulous designer collections and find fashionable items that are cheaper if you can’t afford buying the real deal. You can find a variety of designer copies or clothes which are similar to suit your style.

Try to mix and match different style outfits to obtain a new look, but do keep in mind the fabrics texture and color as there needs to be a perfect balance between the styles. Denim is one of the definite must haves of the season and the best thing about it is that it can be combined with a variety of fabrics and fashionable items.

Try to opt for accessories which suit the style of the outfit and which complete the look. There are a variety of accessories styles available to choose from and this year oversized is the way to go.

Choose a looser blouse and pair it with fabulous shorts or maxi skirts for a stylish look. Go safari or sporty chic if you wish as these styles are definitely in this summer.

Make sure the shoes fit the style of the outfit as shoes can make a big difference when it comes to the final result. Try flats, stylish peep toe boots, pumps or platform sandals depending on the chosen style of the outfit.

Do color coordinate as matching the right colors is essential. Inspire yourself from John Galliano’s collection as he is a master of putting together some of the most incredible colors to achieve unique looks which make you look amazing.


Try to pay attention to details and slowly build an outfit that is more you. The outfit needs to suit your personality as well as body type so make sure you choose right so you can become a style icon for all of your friends.