Learning how to dress boho chic can only come to your advantage as this fashion style is absolutely adorable. Not everyone likes this stylish bohemian fashion style, as people have different preferences in style. The bohemian fashion style or boho for short is characterized by a casual and relaxed wear with a certain hippie style touch that gives a certain allure of vintage. The bohemian style is easy to recognize and looks absolutely fabulous. The muses of this fashion style and the sources of inspiration when it comes to how to dress boho chic can be Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton as they seem to be the trendsetters for this style.

Combining designer outfits with vintage style fashion items can only come to your advantage as modernism combined with vintage has always created an unconventional style, which, if selected right, can bring the appreciation of everyone around you. The bohemian fashion style can be considered a combination of folk, punk, hippie and modern chic fashion style, this is why it is so unconventional.

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To learn how to dress boho chic one must learn the basics of this fashion styles and the characteristics which lead to creating an incredibly chic bohemian outfit. Bandanas, short leather jackets, casual jeans, oversized blouses, printed blouses, fringes and accessories contribute to create this incredible looking fashion style. There is a fine line between incredibly chic bohemian outfits and a disastrous looking wanna be bohemian style, so it is absolutely necessary to have the right feel for fashion and style.

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To be able to dress appropriately one must own different style outfits that are key elements of the boho chic fashion style. Long gypsy style skirts, vaporous dresses, floral printed outfits, patchwork , simple t-shirts are perfect when opting for this fashion style.

Shoes are very important for every outfit and every style, so making the right choice is very important since there are a variety of shoe styles available. Comfortable style shoes like flats, gladiator sandals, flip flops, leather cowboy style boots and platform shoes complete the bohemian style beautifully.

Accessories are equally important when it comes to boho chic outfits, so don’t neglect them. Hats, vests, bracelets and long necklaces with a vintage style work beautifully and complete the bohemian look. Try to be unique with your outfits and express your femininity and style through fashion. Photos via style.com