“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Coco Chanel

It’s good to know what to wear and what to avoid in order to flaunt you best features and eventually hide you flaws. If you already know what body shape you are, here are some tips on what to wear to create the illusion of being perfectly proportioned.

Think of the widest body part as a strength that doesn’t need any more attention and enhance slim, small parts like a small chest, narrow hips or slim legs.

Pear Shape What to wear if you are pear-shaped: pants that emphasize your waist – your goal is to draw attention away from your curvy hips and accentuate your legs. Mini or pencil skirts must be avoided, but flared skirts will hide bulges.

Your pear shape also benefits from slimming dark colors – go dark on the bottom half of the body and lighter on the top.  Avoid dresses that hide your waistline, choose instead a defined waist or a wrap dress to accentuate you upper half.

Apple Shape The best part is that most apple shapes have fabulous legs – emphasize them!

Avoid pencil skirts but flared or A-line skirts will look great on you – they will balance out your torso – and feel free to experiment with colour and pattern to draw attention to your legs.  Tops with scoop or V necks work wonders for the apple shape, along with wrap tops. Avoid tops that would add inches around your waist like chunky knits, ruffled or baggy tops.

Hourglass Shape Those with an hourglass shape are very lucky, since they can wear almost anything. When flaunting your hourglass shape, always use your waist as the focal point.

Emphasize your waist with fitted tops, corsets and skin-tight shirts. The skirt specially designed for hourglass body shape is the pencil skirt.

Low or high waisted pants, both look good on you, however avoid tapered ones, they can make your bottom look larger than it really is.

Rectangle or Tube Shape Rectangle or tube shapes are athletic with bust, waist and hips of about the same width. You need to add some curves to your figure.

Opt for tops that have details at the bust area, like ruffles or prints. You can easily pull off skinny jeans and fitted trousers and these will add some curves to your waist and hips. Choose dresses and jackets with defined waists or that flare out from the waist.