Every woman has a weakness for lingerie but finding the right panties can be more difficult than it seems. Panties are amongst the most important clothing items found in a women’s wardrobe. Besides the fact that you need to wear lingerie under your clothes, these little alluring items also satisfy your urge to feel sexy and attractive. Over the time, pants have gone through major changes and nowadays have become sexy staple pieces, showing more and more skin.

When it comes to panties there are endless types, colors and fabrics to choose from, starting with classic styles to sporty, sexy or elegant pieces, depending on your mood and occasion. Check out the following ideas and get ready to purchase some stylish new acquisitions to spice up your wardrobe and look fabulous every day.

One of the most important things you should consider when you are shopping for the perfect panty is size. Finding the perfect fit is essential in order to feel comfortable in your own skin, otherwise you will suffer through the day. There is nothing more annoying then wearing panties that are constantly riding up your buttocks or panties that are always falling down under your skirts or pants. Just because you know your size that doesn’t mean that all your panties are of the same size.

You can avoid buying the wrong panty size by measuring around your waist with a tape. The next step is to measure your hips in the fullest area. Write down each number because these will be important when shopping for the perfect fitting panty. However proper fit always depends on the style of the chosen lingerie item, therefore if it is possible, always try it on in order to make sure you buy the right size.

Select your panties according to the occasion you want to wear them on. For everyday use select a panty that is comfortable and it is made out of fabric, which lets your skin to breathe and also covers your back nicely. If you are looking for the right undergarments for elegant occasions, make sure you match your panties color to that of your the dress. For formal occasions shape wear and seamless types are wonderful choices in order to avoid visible panty lines. When you wear tight-fitting dresses, go for panties with elastic waistline that delicately hide the tummy bulge around the waist area and create a flattering silhouette. However if you want to attract the attention of your boyfriend a lace, silk or satin g-string or French-cut panty will surely leave him breathless.

When you are wearing white pants, skirts or shorts, opt for a skin colored or light pink panty, which will hide invisible under your garments.

Thongs are good choices if you would like to wear low-rise pants, tight evening dresses or light-colored clothes. If you would like to optically make your butt seem rounder, opt for padded panties that nicely hug your figure and lift your butt, creating a wonderful, feminine shape.

One of the most important features of a well-fitting panty is comfort. Therefore always look for panties with comfortable cotton crotch. An ideal crotch will fit nicely on your body without squeezing your private parts.

Paying attention to these simple tips you will be able to find the most comfortable panty for you. Always make sure you choose the right size and panty style, which will guarantee a proper fit and a nice shape for your body.