Tankinis are a great choice when it comes to swimwear especially for those who would like to camouflage certain problematic body parts and still look stylish at the same time. Learn how to choose the best tankini for your body shape to ensure that you look amazing this summer.

Tankinis are a wonderful and stylish alternative to other types of swimwear having multiple advantages. Comfort is one of the defining characteristics of tankinis that is hard to beat by other types bathing suits. Because a tankini provides excellent bust support it can be safely used by athletic women who will not have to live with the fear of embarrassing accidents caused by sudden unexpected movements. Also, tankinis minimize the chances of getting sunburns on the upper part of the body.

A halter top model can provide maximum comfort and security for those who like summer sports as well as providing the opportunity to emphasize your best physical assets. Women who are full figured will likely benefits the most from choosing this type of swimsuit. A well chosen model will do a great job at hiding a bulging tummy.

In other words the versatility of this type of bathing suit is extremely hard to been being loved both by supermodels and by ordinary women from thin athletic women as well as moms to be or those who feel self-conscious in some way when it comes to their body.

There are essentially four types of tankinis; the halter top, the apron, the underwire tankini and the boy short tankini. Each one of this types of tankinis is designed to address different problems. For example those who are interested in highlighting their best features trough a seductive swimwear without having to camouflage problematic would most likely find that the apron tankini style would be the most suitable choice for them.
The apron style is more daring than conventional tankini styles allowing those who want to take maximum advantage of the seductive allure that a swimsuit can provide to have it all: comfort and style are perfectly combined.

When a tankini top is paired with boy shorts a similar effect can be obtained. What's more, boy shorts provide maximum coverage for the buttocks area as well as for the thighs being a suitable choice for almost everyone. Despite the apparent conservativeness of this type of tankini style, it still manages to attract a lot of positive attention by proving a boost of self confidence whenever need. Halter top tankinis are by far the most popular style of tankini being preferred by the majority of women being considered universally flattering. On the other hand, underwire tankinis are perfect for women with big breasts who feel they need extra support on the bust area.

After deciding on the tankini style that suits you the most, you should start thinking about additional factors that will influence your options. When choosing a tankini it's important to pay attention to the design, the color as well as the fabric. The design you choose should be a flattering for your body type meaning that it should draw attention to your best features and should also match your personal preferences.

As far as the colors are concerned the best bet would be to choose dark colors as these have a slimming effect. If you are not willing to settle for dark colors and would still like to benefit from a slimming effect, you should try a mono chromatic tankini with a minimalistic design.

The fabric you choose is just as important as the rest of the factors because the type of fabric you choose will determine how comfortable you really feel. If comfort is important for you than opting for cotton or spandex as well as a combination of these two will definitely bring you closer to your goal. If you see a tankini as a stylish long term investment, then nylon would be an excellent choice.

When it comes to tankinis endless combinations are possible. Because the upper and the lower part can sold separately you have the opportunity to make endless combinations and to customize your swimsuit any way you like.