The tulle skirt might have a strong ballerina connection, but you shouldn’t ignore it this spring just because you want to avoid that. You can incorporate tulle skirts in your style even if you don’t like the girly vibe.

Find out how to wear tulle skirts in style this spring and create the most successful looks. Whether you’re looking for a more edgy vibe and channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw, or a classic vintage look, here are the best ways to incorporate a tulle skirt in your wardrobe this season.

Pair with a Graphic Tee

One of the easiest ways to lose the ballerina feel of a tulle skirt, whether it’s knee-length or short, is to add a contrasting element to your look. 

Tulle Skirt With Graphic Teephoto: Blertina S.

A graphic t-shirt always does the trick, toning down the whimsical elements of your tulle skirt and taking it to the next level. You’ll definitely add some balance to your look and turn it into the perfect street style outfit for this spring.

Try a Leather Jacket

Tulle Skirt With Leather Jacketphoto: Erika Fermina

You can also create balance in your look by pairing unexpected textures, so one of the best answers to the question of to wear tulle skirts is adding a leather (real or faux) jacket to your look. If you go for a long one, you’re getting a bit of a retro vibe, so if you’re looking for a more modern and edgy look, stick to cropped jackets.

Go Vintage

Tulle Skirt Vintage Stylingphoto: Stephanie Lim

One cool way of accessorizing a tulle skirt is going for a vintage vibe. Pair your tulle skirt with a tulle skirt with a cute blouse with a peter pan collar and a pair of vintage inspired sunglasses. Make sure that you choose the right heels to complete your look, because you can’t have a cute retro look with flats.

Pair with a Chambray Shirt

Tulle Skirt With Chambray Shirtphoto: Shermaine K.

When you’re wondering how to wear tulle skirts without looking like a ballerina, a chambray shirt is the best way to take your look in a different direction. Create a casual chic look by tucking it in, but pay extra attention to the proportions of your outfit. A normal fit is best, but slim fits and loose and boxy chambray shirts can be too much, even if the skirt accentuates your waistline.

Layer with a Sweater

Tulle Skirt Paired With Sweaterphoto: Nicoleta P.

Take your tulle skirt in a more preppy direction by wearing it with a button-down shirt and a sweater on top. However, cardigans can sometimes clash with the a tulle skirt too much, whether it’s a short one or a midi skirt. Opt for a pullover sweater in a bright color to create a gorgeous look.

Try a Lace Top

Tulle Skirt With Lace Topphoto: Alba

You can tone down the ballerina style of your tulle skirt by going even more feminine with a lace top. Whether it’s in a matching color or you create a strong contrast, lace and tulle go together well for a really chic look. Don’t forget the heels to complete this look. Kitten heels might work, but you should go higher if you’re trying to create a more elegant vibe.

Wear a Blazer

Tulle Skirt With Blazerphoto: Julie Pink

Whether you want to wear tights under your tulle skirt or not, a blazer can instantly help you achieve a more professional look. However, pay attention to the proportions and don’t pair your tulle skirt with a boxy blazer or one with a long hemline. Keep it cropped for the most successful look.

Pair with a Plaid Shirt

Tulle Skirt With Plaid Shirtphoto: Lynne G.

Go more casual by tucking in a plaid shirt in your skirt for a cute music festival look. If you’re wondering how to wear tulle skirts with a plaid shirt, you can also knot it, and decide for yourself if you want to show a little skin or not. Tartan is also trending, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and pair a daring tartan with a cute tulle skirt.

Balance It with a Touch of Menswear

Tulle Skirt With Camo Print Shirtphoto: Maria M.

When your goal is to tone down the girlishness and ballerina feel of the tulle skirt, you can’t go wrong with a crisp button-down shirt. You can also layer a vest over it to really bring up the menswear-inspired vibe and create a trendy look.

Skip the Flats

Tulle Skirt With Crop Top And Heelsphoto: Alana Ruas

Unless you do want to look like a ballerina, flats should be avoided, particularly ballet flats. Try to wear tulle skirts by avoiding the most obvious references, like the ballerina bun and flats, because you might end up something that’s more of a costume than a trendy outfit for this season,