Camo is turning out to be a major trend this year, and Vogue magazine has called it “the tomboy’s answer” to trendy floral prints. Whether your style is purely feminine or you like to go for the occasional masculine influence, camouflage can work for you.

Find out how to wear camouflage by following a few simple style rules that will help you take this casual and masculine print and turn it into a beautiful addition to your stylish wardrobe. With these simple tips, you won’t risk going too far with camo.

Stick to a Single Camo Item

Head to toe camo is a great look for soldiers and members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast. One piece of clothing with the camouflage print is enough, whether it’s jeans, a jacket or even a dress. If you love the classic army camo, in green and brown, go for a smaller piece or even a camo accessory. For a bigger piece, choose either a more muter camouflage print in grays or different colors.

Show a Little Skin

When you’re wondering how to wear camo without going too masculine with your look, the answer is simple: show a little skin. Structured camouflage pieces are the way to rock the trend in colder months, but during the summer feel free to show off your arms, legs or even your midriff, with a trendy crop top.

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Go for Structured Pieces

Shapeless camo will make you look like you’re either hunting or getting ready to go to war. Forget about big and loose pants or boxy jackets. If you want to wear camo in a trendy and stylish way, less is more, so go with structure pieces that are easy to dress up. Fitted camo is the right way to go, or if you like it a bit looser, pair it with another well fitted piece.

Pair It with High Fashion

Casual camo can look like a weekend look, so a great tip on how to wear camo is to wear it with more expensive pieces in order to create a good look. This is even more important if you plan on wearing camo to work, so don’t be afraid to wear cute camo jeans or tops with high quality items that will help you dress it up for a trendy look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Color

For a cool camo look, you can pair it with neutrals, or just black and white. However, pairing camo with brighter colors can help create a stylish effect. That doesn’t mean that camo always looks sharp when worn with neon shades, but you should always add a little color, at least in your accessories, from a cute necklace to cool colorful shades.

Be Careful When Pairing with Other Prints

Wearing camo with other prints can get risky. Camo with stripes can already look too busy if your stripes are too colorful, but you could pull it off with a subtle floral. The prints you have to stay away from when you’re figuring out how to wear camo are the animal ones, that also bring an unwanted hunting vibe to your look, from safari to swamp, depending on your choice of animal print.

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Go for Feminine Accessories

The right way to balance your look between masculine and feminine is to pay extra attention to the accessories you use once you’ve decided on your camo look. Heels are a must if you’re not going for a very casual look, but even when you are, make sure you’re wearing feminine sneakers. Don’t be afraid to add more jewelry to a camo look so you avoid the boyish vibe.

Think Beyond Jeans, Shirts and Jackets

Learning how to wear camo is simple and once you’ve got the basics of rocking jeans, along with jackets or shirts, you can move on to more unexpected choices. A camo dress can be a cute choice for summer, but you can go beyond that by getting a truly feminine look, like a mini skirt, with a camo print. Camo pumps are also a great choice if you’re worried about sporting a big top or bottom in this print.

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Try Unexpected Colors for Evenings

If you’re wearing camo in the evenings, khaki should be your last choice. Instead, try more colorful color combinations, that include at least one neutral and one brighter shade. With the right accessories, you can rock camo in every shade, even pink.

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Go for a Muted Palette at the Office

If you’re wondering how to wear camo at the office, less is definitely more. Dress it up and add extra colors if you’re going for a khaki piece. For more versatility, try another color palette, but stay away from bright shades.