From long jeans, skinny or more loose ones like the boyfriend jeans, to denim shorts, from skirts (mini or longs) to the extremely trendy overalls or dresses. We can not forget the strong return of the denim shirt, jackets or denim vests, in very light shapes, easy to wear with different fabrics such as lace, chiffon or leather.

Denim shirt, jackets and vests

The denim shirt is one of the hottest items this season. You can choose to wear it in the Chloé “americana” version or in the “cowboy girl” version proposed by Dolce&Gabbana. Make sure to match your denim shirt with a tousled, yet sexy hairstyle.

Denim jackets and blouses can be easily worn with long, floral dresses or underneath a leather jacket or a classic blazer. A denim jacket with an elegant dress is the ultimate fashionable match. Moreover, you can wear a denim blouse or jacket with mini skirts made of lace or leather or from any other semi-transparent fabric. A great association is the one between a trendy denim shirt, a mini skirt and a pair of stilettos.

The classic denim vests can be worn in a multitude of combinations, especially if you choose a darker shade. They work amazingly with a white, breezy blouse or one with a floral print, as well as on top of a simple t-shirt. In the lower part you can go for a pair of skinny jeans in another color. These vests can be also worn with short and feminine dresses.

Ripped and patched jeans

The ’80s are back with the ripped, torn and patched jeans. For 2010, designers proposed a comeback of the torn or ripped denim. From classic tailoring at Stella McCartney and Chloé to torn and washed jeans specific for the 1980s at Dolce&Gabbana or Just Cavalli. Dark jeans are very hot, patched or elegantly accessorized (Chanel) or the trashy variants in gray and camouflage at Balmain. As an interesting innovation we have the satin denim used by Jean Paul Gaultier or silk and lace with denim aspect (Dolce&Gabbana and Ralph Lauren).

Head-to-toe denim

This year, matching options are many when it comes to denim items. Think of wearing your denim shorts with a pair of over the knee stockings. Another special combination is that between a pair of ripped jeans and light shirts and feminine suits with oversized shoulders. As for denim dresses or overalls, designers proposed the short and accessorized version, (Dolce&Gabbana), the long and loose, casual-chic (Ralph Lauren) or with punk influences (Jean Paul Gaultier).

If you are looking for a head-to-toe denim outfit, think of matching a washed denim shirt with jeans that are one or two shades darker. Accessorize your look with a leather belt, a bag and a pair of flat sandals.