Homecoming is an important event in the life of every teenager so paying a special attention to all the aspects of your appearance is essential to ensure that you will be on the spotlight and that this occasion will be an unforgettable one. Choosing the perfect dress is one of the hardest tasks but also the most rewarding one so paying attention to the latest trends is one of the most critical actions you can take to make sure that you will look gorgeous and you will feel confident for the big event.

Becoming knowledgeable about the latest fall dresses trends is an excellent way to get a more clear idea about the homecoming dresses trends. Good sources of inspiration are also the outfits worn by celebrities at various formal events that take place because you will most likely find similar models in stores and online. In this stage you can get a more clear idea of what are the dominant trends and which influences you are most likely to adopt. This will make it easier for you to sort out trough the enormous amount of styles that you can choose from and help you decide easier what you really want for this event.


Because the homecoming dance is generally seen as a semi formal event most girls choose short cocktail dresses instead of long dresses but ultimately the choice is entirely personal. The style and the fabric of the dress are equally important aspects that you should consider in order to look fashionable. One shoulder dresses are highly popular this season being a perfect choice who want a subtle touch of elegance that allows them to follow the latest fashion trends without being too over the top.

On the other hand, for those who are known as trend setters within their group bold, daring colorful prints might be the perfect solution that will allow them to stand out and to spice out their look in a powerful and defining way. Funky animal prints can also be a good choice although some would consider them too informal for an occasion like this one.

Those who want to opt for a cute romantic and feminine look can choose a ruffled dress or, if their body type allows them, they can opt for seductive mermaid style dresses that will show off their curves. Thin girls can also opt for corset dresses that are classical yet romantic at the same time. On the other hand if you are more daring and want to bring out your sexiness even more it’s a good idea to opt for strapless dresses, sexy cut out dresses and even backless gowns. However, if you opt for backless gowns and cut out dresses you should make sure that these styles are really suitable for your features. These styles can be extremely tricky so it’s best to try on a variety of models before deciding to make sure that they really suit you.


When it comes to the hottest colors for homecoming dresses there are a variety of options you can choose from. Passionate red hues are among the hottest colors trends of this season being a wonderful choice both for hard core fashionistas as well as for those who like a classical and refined outfits that have an extremely modern touch. Magenta, orchid purple and fuchsia and deep blue tones as well as strong neon colors are good choice for those who want to look fashionable and stylish. Black and white remain classical choices as always for those who like to make their dress stand out with the help of a series of well chosen accessories.

Although taking into account the latest trends is a good idea you should keep in mind that ultimately all those trends should be adapted to your personal needs depending on your body type. To make the best selection always keep in mind what are your best attributes as these will help you customize your search in the most effective manner allowing you to find the perfect dress for you much faster than with any other method. Also keep in mind that the attitude is one of the main things you will be wearing so make sure that you are confident about the way you look and have a relaxed overall attitude.