If there is one brand that constantly comes with new ideas and collections, that is definitely H&M. In this case the fascination for the Swedish label is totally understandable as it became an endless source of style. Its latest ads for the Spring Awakening Campaign feature two popular models, chameleon Freja Beha Erichsen and gorgeous Raquel Zimmermann.

Photographed by Daniel Jackson, the ad campaign for the Spring Awakening collection has something of the seventies vibe, with lots of denim items such as shirts, jeans, shorts and overalls, parkas and ponchos, but also long, sleek dresses that perfectly soften the silhouette. In fact, the longer lengths made a strong come back this season and the best thing about it is that a maxi dress is universally flattering regardless your height.

It’s time, once again, for denim! As one can see, Spring Awakening is characterized by the overuse of denim. However, this is a great thing, since denim proved to be an eternal and versatile fabric, while all denim items became the most desirable pieces among the multitude of fashion trends. Freja Beha Erichsen and beautiful Raquel Zimmermann flaunt a fresh look wearing casual denim that comes in numerous versions, from the already famous shirt and vests to jeans and shorts.

As for the color palette used, this is characterized mostly by neutrals, which are known for their amazing versatility allowing an array of different combinations. Even though they are considered as being rather boring, the new H&M Spring Awakening collection is the best example that neutrals can be visually interesting, whispering femininity and elegance. The collection also includes great, stylish clogs and belts which offer you endless possibilities to wear them.

The clothing for the younger set in the Spring Awakening campaign features two beautiful young models, Hannah Holman and Tati Cotliar. Delicate, lacy blouses represent the sweet, lovely elements that sweeten and break the denim infusion. Once again, lots of denim shorts, shirts and blouses, but also amazing, ground-skimming denim dresses. A pretty, youthful collection that comes with extremely versatile and practical pieces for a stylish warm season.

Photos courtesy of H&M