High-waist is back in fashion in order to add glamour to our silhouettes. From pants to shorts and skirts, high-waisted clothing items are once again among the key elements of our wardrobes. High-waist means, first of all, style, femininity and retro.

Wear high-waisted clothes if you are petite as contrary to what one might think they make you look taller due to an optical illusion of elongating your legs. In order to get the effect, choose straight-cut pants, rather than slim or too flared ones, and match them with a pair of platforms. You can also go for a pencil skirt, but make sure you always wear it with high-heels.

If you are rather curvy, high-waisted clothes will help you enhance your femininity and your beautiful curves. The best thing to do this is by choosing a dress and emphasize the waist by adding a wide belt. If you have larger buttocks and thighs, a high-waist will make you look taller and slimmer. Choose a straight-cut skirt or a pair of flared pants.

A high-waist works well even if you have a boyish figure. Choose a pair of jeans with a high-waist, corset style, or types of pants that have buttons.

If you are rather full-figured a pair of high-waisted flared jeans or pants, a little bit loose on the legs, it’s the perfect choice. In this case you can even wear high-waisted shorts or short jumpsuits, especially if you have beautiful legs.



A high-waisted mini skirt is the best choice if you want to face summer heat. Wear it with a tucked-in sleeveless top and high-heeled sandals, or for a more relaxed look, take a pair of flat sandals. Make sure the fabrics used are breezy and comfortable. If you are more boyish, a ruffled high-waisted skirt and a simple tank top will add some curves to your figure. If the silhouette allows you to, you can pick a tighter skirt. However, in order to balance the look, match it with a loose t-shirt.

High-waisted loose shorts, made from soft fabrics, are so versatile and can be worn in so many different combinations in order to create casual and more elegant outfits. Match them with a loose tucked-in shirt and a pair of platforms. You can replace the shirt with something more effortless such as a basic t-shirt, and if it gets a little bit cold, you can take a denim jacket or a boyfriend blazer over the tee.

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High-waisted pants can be worn with an oversized shirt made from a light fabric, and a pair of high-heeled sandals. This is an office appropriate outfit too. For example, take a pair of carrot pants and match them with tucked-in t-shirts for a casual look, or with feminine blouses for a more elegant and sophisticated look.