One of the world renowned fashion and accessories brands, Guess, has managed to once again surprise its fans with another amazingly stylish fashion collection that suits the new fashion trends perfectly. Guess spring/summer 2011 lookbook features a variety of trendy outfits that can definitely make an impact. High quality is a word that the people behind this fashion label stand by, so you’ll not only benefit form stylish, last hour clothes and accessories, but you’ll also benefit from high quality fabrics and carefully put together details that can make a difference.

If you’re a true fashionista, you definitely want your outfits and accessories to stand out in the crowd and emphasize your unique style and individuality, and the outfits featured in Guess’s spring summer 2011 lookbook can definitely help you achieve this goal. Check out the collection and discover new fashion trends and outfit ideas:

Women love to wear pants as they are not only comfortable, but also manage to mould to the feminine forms, underlining the seductive shape of the body. A woman’s body looks amazing and can be put into value through a variety of stylish fashion items, so you don’t have to go for a dress to show your gorgeous curves. The pants styles featured in the new Guess SS 2011 lookbook suit different body types as well as fashion styles and occasions, so go for skinny jeans, capris or shorts because you’ll look hot.

Stylish t-shirts and blouses cut simply or featuring sophisticated patterns can be matched to suit your pants and create a casual chic look that stands out. Finish your look with a fabulous handbag and gorgeous pair of shoes as these details can really make a huge difference.

Dresses and skirts are a definite must have this summer and there is one to suit everyone. The hot season requires an equally hot outfit, so if you’ve got fabulous legs, put them into value with the right sexy outfit. There are several dress or skirt styles to suit different body types as well as fashion styles, so go for ruffled mini skirts or casual dresses paired with a cute cardigan or a stylish jacket. Accessorize your sexy outfit and make it ooze femininity and style so you can definitely capture all the attention.

Floral prints, as well as uni-colors look amazing, so try to step out of the boring color zone and experiment with different summery hues. You can opt for earth toned hues, go bold by selecting warm, vivid colors or floral prints or stay natural and innocent by selecting a cute and flirty nude outfit. Guess offers you a variety of stylish fashion items and trendy accessories to combine, so you can come-up with your own stylish outfits!

Nothing changes a woman’s position and look better than a pair of sexy heels or comfy wedges, so pair your stylish summery outfit with your favorite heels. Nude, black and red are the most popular colors of the season, so select a pair that complements your outfit best from the utterly gorgeous Guess Accessories collection for 2011!

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