Greek culture has a great influence on the contemporary fashion trends, the ageless tailoring as well as the mesmerizing effect of the soft fabrics and muted angles all contribute the the goddess style appearance of the versatile outfits. More than in any other season, Greek motives enrich the collections of the summer. Designers appeal to the uber-popular draping techniques as well as the one-shoulder style in order to flash some skin and at the same time maintain the classic and iconic look of the dresses and tops and nowadays even trench coats.

Those who are also inspired by these refined details should skim through the various domains in fashion industry where Greek culture managed to find its well-deserved place to the great pleasure of both ladies and gents. From shoes to accessories as well as basic clothing items all were ‘contaminated’ by the Mediterranean vibe that marks the beginning of the hot season.

One-Shoulder Swimsuit

Bathing suit trends also warmly welcomed the Greek-inspired influences when it comes of tailoring as well as prints. Indeed the one-shoulder swimsuit fashion was one of the most prominent one that can be attributed to the Mediterranean culture. Those who would like to enjoy the beach walks as well as the time spent at the poolside will be thrilled to skim through the infinite selection of similar bathing suits be it once piece or bikini. Spot the best tone that would complement your sun-kissed complexion and make sure it would also fit your personal preferences. Pair the right design to your body shape and enjoy the alluring shoulder details strap that would give a formal and more glamorous tint to your beachwear.

One-Shoulder Summer Dress

Summer dresses come in infinite hues, designs and lengths. Some might go for the printed and colorful looks other keep their appearance neat enhanced with neutral tones. The Greek influence in the case of dresses can be identified also when it comes of color combination as well as designs. The cute single strap would add some length and definition to our upper body therefore it is promoted by an endless number of celebrities too. Find the most spectacular one-shoulder summer dress that would take you back to the sandy shores of Greece and allow you to enjoy the blinding sunlight and the warm season.


The must have footwear of the season are indeed sandals. These whether in muted tones or bright shades from leather and other fabrics all will serve as the perfect accessories to complete a chic breezy weather outfit. Due to their comfortable quality, Gladiators and strappy sandals enhanced with glittery details and fringes would be worn by every style-conscious person regardless of the age. The complex patterns as well as the simple designs are equally popular among those who would like to pamper their feet with these Greek-inspired sandals. Create your authentic Mediterranean look with a one-should or maxi dress that are also some of the chic and Greek-inspired wardrobe staples of the upcoming season.


Some of the most inspiring and creative accessories of the summer season are indeed bangles. These sported all at once or in a moderate measure will create an eye-pleasing effect. Therefore when running out of life-saving ideas when it comes of accessorizing make sure you opt for similar Greek-inspired jewelries. Be it silver, gold or fantasy the trick to rock the most popular trend of the season is to pair them with the color palette of your basic outfit pieces. Choose from the statement bangles that are larger and more prominent for a Boho style apparel. On the other hand you’ll have the chance to sport some high brow designs that radiate sophistication and glamor.