Fashion trends change every 6 months so that people can always adopt a fresh look, which will maintain a high interest towards their physical appearance and style. Because fashion designers have their own muses and sources of inspirations a variety of fashion styles can be differentiated. The Goodone spring/summer 2011 collection manages to underline perfectly the diversity in fashion due to the interesting outfits combined which however don’t try to look eccentric but stylish and suitable for the new season.

Choosing to adapt a fashion style which is unique and which is you not copycatted is a must if you wish to be admired for your incredible sense of fashion and the Goodone spring/summer 2011 collection can definitely offer you the opportunity to be unique but not stand apart from the mainstream fashion. This fashion collection is worth all of your attention so take a peek at the fabulous designs and try to see if you can find yourself in the collection’s style:

The designs try to combine casual sporty garments with more chic fashion items to create a well balanced and unique look which manages to stand out and attract positive attention. It is quite difficulty to create an outfit by mixing and matching different style fashion items but it seems that the designers for Goodone have managed to pull off this look flawlessly. Mesh leggings paired with cool shorts or long shirts look fabulous and exude quite a high amount of sexiness but without showing any signs of vulgarity.

Lovely shorts, maxi skirts paired with sporty tops, cool jersey leggings which feature contrasting colors for a cooler look, lovely multi-tone dresses dominate the collection and help be the stylish collection it is. These stylish fashion items suit women with different body types so you are likely to find an outfit which suits your body perfectly if you love casual-chic fashion.

The tight fit mini skirts featuring a higher waistline, tapered linen trousers with drawstring waistbands and paired with jersey tops and strappy high heel sandals might not the standard outfit that comes to mind when searching for a fabulous outfit but you might be surprised of the results given by the Goodone outfits. Inspire yourself from this fabulous fashion collection and you will radiate style!

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