There’s no magic formula for finding the perfect pair of jeans; the secret is trying and trying on pairs and pairs until you find the right one that fits like a glove. However, you should keep in mind a few guidelines to help you select from the numerous cuts and styles out there so you can just put to the test just the jeans that are designed to flatter your body type! So, take a peek at the following body shape types and see which jeans styles fit perfectly your body!

Petite Figure The petite body type comes in all shapes so it’s difficult to find the correct fit and the right length. Make sure the waistband works for you and is in proportion to your body type. Opt for narrow leg cuts, by going for skinny, straight and slightly boot cut depending on your curves. For additional height, iron a crease down the front of your dark jeans and team with heels for a few extra inches. Heels or platforms are mandatory if you’re looking to fake a few extra inches and the best part: they go with everything from straight to skinny fit jeans! Just remember to keep the length long as the excess fabric at the ankle gives the illusion of longer legs. Also, try to opt for jeans with flat pockets that keep the proportion of your petite figure.

Pear Shape Women who generally have slightly wider hips then shoulders, a slimmer upper body but look fuller in the hip and thigh area, are considered to be the pear shape body type. Your goal is to draw attention away from your curvy hips and accentuate your legs. So, when searching for the perfect pair of jeans be sure to look for wider waistband jeans as this patter sits on your hips with higher back rise which enables you to avoid those uncomfortable moments in which the jeans expose the derriere whenever you bend forward. Your pear shape bod also benefits from slimming dark washes, straight and flared jeans that lengthen your legs still balancing out your curves giving a sexy look. However, boyfriend jeans are a definite no, no as they tend to emphasize the lower body creating an unappealing look!

Hourglass Shape If you’ve got this body type, your bust and hips are about the same size, but your waist is somewhere around 10 inches smaller. Thus it’s important to add balance to your curves and the best way to do this is a boot cut or flare leg. Choose jeans that are made of stretch denim as these will hug the curves and give a smooth fit for your waistline and hips.

Apple Shape You honeys rocking the apple shape body figure hold most of your weight in your upper body, tummy are and bust! The best part about this conformation is that most apple shapes have slim legs which open up to a wider selection when shopping for jeans. Don’t go too high with the waistband if you have a short waist and big bust for obvious reasons. Always look for a curved waistband that’s higher at the back, for comfort and experiment with all sort of styles as your options are vast!

Slim and TallThe upper and lower body are in proportion to each other with a smaller bust when it comes to the slim and tall conformation gals, so a high-rise jean suits best this type of a figure as it balances long, lean legs with the waist.

Fuller FiguresA voluptuous body shape that tends to put on weight all over needs to be put into value by cuts that deliver a visually slimming effect and that feel comfortable altogether. So, forget baggy jeans as these will make you look and feel bigger than you really are and turn your attention towards dark denim classics. You could try to fin cool washes to put to the test but keep in mind that these effects need to be strategically placed to enhance and draw the eye to the desired area. Always go for medium or high waist jeans and when buying these timeless must haves and make sure you sit down with the jeans before you buy them! Opt for the boot cut as these jeans style is the most flattering of cuts when it comes to your curves. Flares are a great option for those with chunkier thighs, just be sure to keep them long and the color dark.Another must: look for big pockets, even embellished pockets that will only draw attention to the area if you like to show off your curvy bod. If not keep the jeans as simple as possible and you’ll still look fab!