Influenced by the latest fashion trends, the new season collections bring a much needed style inspiration to those who are thinking about refreshing their style. Looking for pieces that highlight your personality, flatter your body shape and are versatile enough to create various outfits is not an easy task, however, the latest lookbooks released by the mass retailers can be extremely helpful.

The Gestuz 2011 lookbook features several interesting ideas that can be applied by those who prefer a casual style. With a minimalistic approach, the looks presented are definitely diverse yet very intuitive and easy to recreate. Balancing comfort and style is made simple by focusing around combining different textures and adding unique touches to the outfits.

If we are to analyze the fashion trends endorsed by the collection, we might be able to notice they tend to stand out. Shorts are a good example, being a perfect choice for torrid summer days for practical reasons. The subtle tie dye accents trend is also subtly emphasized in the collection as it also reflects the warmer season probably better than equally popular trends.

Asymmetric touches are also used to add interest to outfits and to keep them looking modern and stylish. Jumpsuits and denim are also lightly emphasized through the collection as well as biker jackets. Dresses are also quite prevalent throughout the lookbook to add a more feminine touch to the collection. Perhaps one of the things that can be spotted when taking a closer look at the dresses is that they tend to be relatively short and sexy in most cases, being a good match for confident, daring women who are eager to highlight their beautiful, flawlessly looking legs.

Combining different textures tends to be the main technique used to add interest to casual chic outfits. On the other hand, in case of dressier options things tend to be a little bit different. Color contrasts as well as creating interesting proportions seem to be the preferred methods in this case. Nonetheless, the results are equally impressive regardless of which method is being preferred, as the outfits are classy and versatile.

As far as the preferred accessories are concerned, multiple bracelets seem to dominate. Kept simple and discreet, they manage to highlight a jewelry trend that is going to be quite popular this season. Overall, the lookbook certainly has a great variety of fashionable suggestions that are easy to adopt, with a unique approach that is is undoubtedly worth taking into account.

Photo courtesy of Gestuz