It seems that Gap, the well known American brand has revealed its spring summer 2011 collection and what a surprise! The collection features a new style, a style with a little bit of European flare and it looks absolutely fabulous.

Once in a while a change is more than welcome and it seems that for Gap it was time for a change. Patrick Robertson, the executive vice president for global design at Gap revealed the Gap spring 2011 fashion collection in London and the collection looked lovely. A pale color pallet was used in the design of the lovely stylish outfits which actually helped emphasize the style of the collection furthermore.

The new look presented by Gap is simple yet sophisticated and features a retro allure. However this collection doesn’t lack sexiness as ruffles, sleeveless tops, vaporous blouses and chiffon details help bring just the right amount of sexiness to the collection.

However changing the style of a collection is not always easy. Patrick Robertson told

“My biggest hurdle has been to change the mind-set of the Gap customer in the U.S who grew up with the brand and automatically thinks of basics. What I want to offer are interesting essentials – fashion, excitement, newness. But the challenge is:how quickly do you walk the traditional customer towards this, how do you push their minds in that direction?”

Well it seems that we’ll just have to wait and see but most people are interested is what is new and what exudes style. Choosing to spice things up when it comes to your wardrobe can only be beneficial if you make the right choices.

The new elements brought by Gap are high waist trousers, slouchy jackets, shirts featuring ruffled details and ribbons, pleats, wide leg trousers, hooded sweatshirts, draped dresses, etc. A variety of fabrics can be admired on the new collection for spring from knits to chiffon, elements which suit the new season perfectly.

The pale-earthly color pallet included colors such as white, soft pink, soft green and baby blue. All the shades suit the new color trends and most of all suit most skin tones. Gap is planning to expand into the markets outside the U.S and Canada and this means Gap is pushing its roots firmly into the fashion industry!

Photos by Ben Wright via