Low key meets high class in the warm season collection envisioned by one of the most controversial fashion gurus of all times, John Galliano. Those who are eager to explore a more alternative clothing style enhanced with an edgy vibe will be just thrilled to stuff their wardrobe with the most dapper style items included in the Galliano Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook. If you’re pretty shy to take a plunge into a brand new makeover, it would be wise to spot the looks that help you rock out a fab transition from the good girl to grungy chick image. Train yourself for the new fashion order that sets no limits between the various fashion trends and encourages us to test our accessorizing skills and creativity.

John Galliano is one of the forerunners of a more eclectic and at the same time eccentric style vision that aims to revolutionize all the moth-eaten patterns. The collection targets the cravings of teens and young adults for versatile and more flashy outfits with a tint of Grunge, hippie as well as urbane sportswear chic.

Experiment with a similar sight-grabbing apparel option and see how these bring out the inner style icon of your character. Don’t let monotony ruin your look and trap you in a shell. Instead,, it’s time to say goodbye to restrictions and the best means to do it is indeed to skim through the rich collection created by John Galliano for the upcoming months.

Stylish summer shorts, denim jackets and skirts as well as cute floral dresses wait for you to put them on and complement your overall outfit with additional and more extravagant pieces as killer heels, cropped tops as well as hair accessories and headwear. The cavalcade of outfits presented here aims to offer you an insight into a futuristic yet old school chic inspired fashion that rules the style business in the present.

The brand envisioned by John Galliano is no ordinary fashion house that melts into the mainstream tendencies. Instead, it is eager to break with the tradition and open our eyes to a bold and more luxurious clothing style that fakes a lower maintenance and dusty look. Check out how this model couple managed to build up a real story around these unique looks.

No doubt, there are hardly any must have fabrics and tailoring patterns left out from the parade of apparel ideas presented in this fab lookbook. Therefore, it would serve as the best source of inspiration for those who might not wish to limit themselves to any of the fashion trends and instead would like to try them all and if possible all at once. John Galliano will provide you with the best inspiration to be granted with standing ovation after your dapper metamorphosis.

Image courtesy to John Galliano