Embracing the new fashion trends and preparing for the new season in terms of style can be a lot simpler when we are able to spot several outfit ideas presented in a classy and glamorous way. The Free People spring 2011 lookbook manages to display some of the next season’s main trends with a romantic vision that is immediately noticeable thanks to the wonderful Parisian scenery. Shot by photographer Guy Aroch the lookbook has a subtle yet distinguishable vintage flair being feminine and fascinating at the same time.

Ruffles, lace, polka dots patterns, floral prints or wide leg pants are just some of the latest trends endorsed by the brand. Versatile and stylish, the styles presented can be adapted to a great variety of occasions. Those who wish to embrace femininity through their outfits should definitely take inspiration from the looks presented as they manage to create the impression of effortless beauty. The free flowing fabrics as well as the contrasts between textures through the layering technique are extremely seductive as they create a mysterious allure that is more than flattering.

Balanced yet unexpected some style suggestions are bolder than others. Knee high and ankle socks are a great reference to the sexy school girl look while short dresses can be fabulous alternative for daring women who aren’t afraid to show off their fabulous features.

Leather jackets used to complete some of the outfits are a superb addition to create a contemporary look that combines vintage elements with modern ones. The role of accessories in defining the overall look is far from being neglect. In the case of minimalistic patterns accessories have a leading role as they become the main focal point and drawing attention to the desired body area. Wide belts and long necklaces have an essential role when it comes to creating interest and boosting style quotient of the outfit.

Subtle yet extremely eye catching with flowing fabrics balanced by a series of interesting textures, the outfits presented are a veritable lesson in style and seductiveness as they are undoubtedly effortlessly chic. Let yourself be inspired by French elegance and choose to embrace your femininity with the help of some of these superb style suggestions presented by the brand.

Photo courtesy of Free People