The latest trend in fashion often appeal to the eye-popping and surprising visual effect in order to further upgrade the simple tailoring and classy allure of a simple dress or attire. Though some might be reluctant to sport outfits inspired by the catwalk, the floral print trend spring/summer 2010 managed to get to the streets thanks to celebrities and fashion-devotees . Popularizing the style by sporting smashing looks from the most sophisticated accessories to the basic clothing pieces was their real aim, this way strengthening the position of this print in the tops of most requested patterns. The warm season encourages the use of radiant colors as well as outstanding cutting and details to rise above the crowd. Those who are eager to embed some features of this latest fashion trend into their wardrobe will be thrilled to learn some of the basic principles of organizing an attire that is crowned by floral prints.

Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2010 Dennis Basso Spring/Summer 2010

Color: Depending on personal preferences and especially the effect we wish to create choosing the color of floral prints will determine the overall appearance. Consequently the basic outfit items should be selected according to the style of the look. In case of sporting a moderate attire preferably opt for print colors that blend into the base tone of the top or the dress. This will secure a uniform and more classic impression. On the other hand those who are fond of glam can match contrastive tones as the best means to stand out of the crowd.

Both the size and design of the patterns should play an important role when choosing the right print. The latest trends offer endless inspiration to plan an overwhelming outfit in both variations. Feel free to experiment with the accessories and additional details. However professionals recommend cutting back on jewelry and statement accessories. Instead concentrate on the shoes and handbags that would make the best impression when being in a mono-colored design and a complementary color with the warm or cold-tones appearance of the whole outfit.

Thakoon Spring/Summer 2010 Rochas Spring/Summer 2010

Body ShapeOne of the buzzwords when talking about floral prints is ‘proportion’. Various body shapes should adopt a different attitude to planning an outfit according to the characteristic features of their silhouette. Therefore it is highly recommended to choose the best print size and style to complement your look. This way it must be mentioned that petite ladies should adopt the mini-floral print trend since this won’t add some extra-pounds to their figure.

Moreover those who struggle with the signs of weight gain should also skip the large prints and go for the smaller flower designs. It is important to consider the prominence a maxi-flower pattern might give us. Those who are not satisfied with their parameters should go for the moderate compositions. Choose your best assets as the perfect spot to place the prints, this will immediately attract the attention to your qualities.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2010 DKNY Spring/Summer 2010

Fabric: The season promotes the beauty and season-appropriateness of the softened and breezy fabrics. Some might not feel confident enough when sporting these especially if they struggle with disproportions. However it seems that silk and chiffon are some of the must have materials of the spring and summer to look thinner and alluring therefore it is advisable to purchase dresses and tops that are further decorated either with smaller or statement floral prints.

Choose the best fabric depending on your body shape. Make sure you have the proper dimension and volume on the critical spots to camouflage the beauty flaws. Those who were blessed with a slim figure can wobble between the extra-large and body-conscious creations that would add a high brow tint to their appearance.The fabrics mentioned above will look fabulous paired with the graphic as well as water painting-style flower is all tones and sizes.

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