Fashion Trends Report of Fall-Winter ’07-’08

This season is full of pleasant surprises. Lost bold of colors, graphic prints, vintage cuts, controlled volumes, oversized knits and accessories with personality.

The season’s trends are far from boring! It’s original, astonishing, full of life. Choose a style that defines you, either college, masculine or glamour and let clothes speak about you! Choose your look from either end of the spectrum: menswear-inspired (Katherine Hepburn, with wide soft pants, vests), or retro glamour from the 40’s (cinched waists, pencil skirts, ultra-feminine). The international runway trends are your inspiration source. I will show you what are the hottest items of the season… All you need to do is to bring a personal mark to the chosen look!

Simple & Minimal

Pick a simple minimal dress in a subdued color, or combine a jacket with little or no collar & detailing with soft wide-leg trousers, or a pencil skirt. Colors are more subdued, this look may be streamlined, but it’s very elegant. Stick to quality fabrics, and accessorize with simple boots or pumps. Patterned tights have a little more sparkle this season as well.

Minimal Trend (1)Minimal Trend (2)

Retro 40s Inspired

It’s time for a very grown-up & glamorous look. Sky-high pumps with a form-fitting pencil skirt, topped off with a high-gloss shirt or top. This is very 40s, with a wasp-waist, or even just a flattering high-waist.

Retro Fashion (1)Retro Fashion (2)

Geometry Lesson

Shapes continue to be a lesson in geometry: triangle, hourglass, bell sleeves. Designers have continued to redefine classic looks, while adding a healthy dose of originality to silhouettes. Geometric shapes can apply to any part of your wardrobe, and we’re particularly fond of trapeze right now.

Geometric Prints (1)Geometric Prints (2)

Hey Boy, Hey Girl

This is the look of Katherine Hepburn circa 1940. Pants are high-waisted, and softly pleated. Wear shirts, or vests (three-piece suits making a comeback) and if a fedora fits the look, you’ve styled it right. Color scheme is definitely darker, try a rich dark gray for a sophisticated Fall look.

Boy Meets Girl (1)Boy Meets Girl (2)

Leather and Fur

Update your Fall 2007 wardrobe with a casual bomber jacket, or a crop motorcycle jacket. Leather has made a strong re-appearance this season, and you will find plenty of choices. Fabrics are interesting & textured (such as quilted), and think beyond basic black, as some of the best pieces this season are various shades of brown.

Leather isn’t just for the outdoors anymore either, and it’s one of those items where quality makes a huge difference. Fur flew during fall fashion week in the form of full length coats, short jackets and trimmed hoods, cuffs and hems. While it used to be reserved for evening ensembles, many of the looks shown were on the casual side and some were even shown with denim.

Leather And Fur (1)Leather And Fur (2)