Trend: Stems, leaves and flowers Forget your floral accents of seasons past, this is a whole bouquet of flowers! Spring 2008 has given us a vivid & fresh garden to choose from, and the main theme is bold & bright. Roses, daisies, lilacs, hydrangeas and poppies – painterly flowers, abstract, almost computerized blooms or tiny calico prints.

Trend: Urban safari

The sultry heat of the Sahara and the 1970s infused many spring collections, as designers recalled an era when both cosmopolitan and exotic locales were more untamed than they are today. Designers primed your wardrobe for a safari adventure with African field jackets, zebra and leopard prints, khaki, and chunky tribal jewelry. Then they sent you off to the Far East for a taste of Bollywood glam. Global fusion juxtaposes earthy neutrals with brilliant ethnic influences, and makes for an exciting ride. Hop on to this trend by picking up a safari suit and throwing an animal print accessory into your summer wardrobe.

Florals (1)Florals (2)Urban Safari (1)Urban Safari (2)

Trend: Toga dress

Fashion lovers got a two-in-one lesson in ancient history and draping as one-shouldered dresses, intricate pleating and creative twists and folds of fabric flowed gracefully down runways for spring. The designers who worshipped this Aphrodite inspired trend showcased many incarnations of toga-style goddess gowns, gladiator skirts, and even (gasp!) harem pants.

So next time you’re at the mall or department store and see a little black dress with a drop waist or a blazer in a bright color or a skirt with some ruffles, think back to spring fashion week and this article.

Toga Dresses (1)Toga Dresses (2)Toga Dresses (3)Toga Dresses (4)


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