Many women find it difficult and annoying to hide their weak points and dress like a diva when their belly restrains them from wearing their favorite clothes. All you need to know is what types of clothes to wear and what to avoid when it comes to dressing chic and feminine. 

The dreaded bulging tummy is very common with women of all ages. Partly it depends on genetics and partly it develops with age, due to an improper diet, the lack of physical activity and in most of the cases, after childbirth. It happened to each of us that when you pull on your pants, you discover that your belly spills over. Don’t panic, the key to your problem is to find those outfits that are flattering for your figure and that trickily hide your weak points. Today we will give you some smart dressing tips to learn how to create an optically flatter tummy and feel gorgeous in every situation!

Get the Right Size When you go shopping, make sure that you buy clothes that fit you well. Avoid wearing too large or too small outfits, as they will only accentuate your problematic areas. Tent-like clothes are not advantageous at all because they will make you appear bigger than you really are. Opt for those items that suit you best and highlight your feminine curves, without cheating on the size.

Never Tuck Your Tops in Since longer tees are very in vogue lately, you are lucky because there are thousands of different tops that you can choose from. However, you generally won’t tuck these shirts in, but if you still wear them this way, it is high time to change your dressing habits. Tucking in your blouses is the first important thing you should avoid in order to camouflage your belly. Long tops that flow over your jeans or trousers visually lengthen your waist and delicately hide your stomach.

Look for Banded Tops and Empire Waist Blouses Banded tops fabulously define your waistline as they usually have a bend at the hemline. This cut is highly advantageous for women with a little extra weight on the belly area. These breezy blouses are very flattering for your silhouette, as they are roomy enough to cover your midsection greatly. You can also wear wrap dresses and blouses that optically elongate your body and disguise your tummy. Empire waist blouses are also a wonderful idea to shop for. These blouses nip right under your bust and go straight down thus hiding your less advantageous parts and creating a wonderful shape to your body.

Go for Fitted Jackets Fitted jackets that fall under your belly are great choices as they flatter and enhance your womanly lines. This way you will look much slimmer and thinner. Avoid covering up yourself in a large jacket that will make you appear bigger.

Avoid Jeans with Rich Embellishment Pants that have many details at the waistline are definitely not flattering for you as they make nothing else but accentuate your emphatic abdominal area. Instead of jeans with great pockets or bows, opt for trendy, simpler pants with few embellishments or no details at all.

Select the Right Undergarments Undergarments are key to achieve a tighter looking belly. Shapewear is a fabulous way to disguise your less perfect parts and create a gorgeous silhouette. In order to feel comfortable when wearing these wonderful undergarments, make sure that you choose the right size, neither too tight nor too loose. Shapewear will help you to wear your favorite dresses that otherwise wouldn’t look advantageous on your tummy.

Pay Attention to Your Posture Right posture is very important. Improper posture is a frequently met problem among women. If you pay a little attention to develop a right posture, it can make wonders to your protruding stomach as well. As a great start, be more attentive to how you are standing. You can improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back in order to feel your abdominal muscles tightening while you are walking or simply standing. If you remind yourself more often to adopt the adequate posture, you can obtain a much better looking belly as well. Besides these, you can also start practicing some exercises which work your abdominal muscles and contribute to having a tighter, sexier tummy that will help you look amazing in every outfit.