Many people think that wearing vintage clothes requires courage. Why should we rummage in our Granny’s wardrobe to find pieces to create new outfits. Indeed adopting the vintage style is a real challenge especially if you want to do it properly. Fortunately we have stylists who’ll help you in looking amazingly wearing these classic fashion pieces.

Those who embrace this style should be prepared for amazed eyes.

This look must fit your personality, it’s an issue of attitude.

However if you succeed in including vintage items into your daily looks, you’ll get original and in the same time extremely stylish outfits.

For a pleasant and successful start, try to make small changes into your wardrobe. Professionals advise you to avoid wearing vintage clothes from top to bottom.

You don’t want to look like stepping out from a time machine.

However you can combine your personal style with some real chic accessories, like bags, belts or even scarves.

Later on you can restyle your clothes into contemporary styles. It will still keep its vintage quality.

How to Dress Vintage

Selecting the best pieces is the real art. You don’t have to adopt complete outfits, there are so many clothes and accessories you can choose from.

A contemporary and vintage combo can look very stylish. Jeans or other pants paired with bow tie blouse, or a vintage dress with a modern leather belt can be a good option.

Pair these pieces properly, a bright colored dress can be successfully worn with a pair of gladiator sandals.

Concentrate on the overall image, adopt a certain style for a certain event. You’ll get bored if you wear it all the time.

How to Dress Vintage

Know the typical characteristics of the style, you can visit several blogs and read articles to clarify them. Get inspiration from fashion icons and those who are already ‘pros’ in vintage fashion.

If you don’t want to wear used clothes, you can find new ones with vintage influences. There are several fabrics, patterns and cuts that define certain retro styles, like denim, checkers, floral, polka dots, lace, ribbons and bows, flare armed tops, high-waist, ruffles. Look at old photos and see what you would like to have in your outfits.

Finally take the final step and start purchasing or collecting clothes and accessories. Probably this is the most exciting process.

Whether you have them from older generations or from online vintage shops, the point is to wear them with the proper attitude.

These clothes all have a story, take these into account and wear them as pieces of history.

How to Dress Vintage