You have an hourglass shaped body if you possess a well-defined waistline with full hips, shapely legs, generous bust and bottom to contrast a smaller waist. As you can tell from its name, an hourglass figure delicately goes in at the middle area. Usually this body shape is characterized by the equal width of the shoulders and the hips. Getting inspiration from our ideas below, you can select well-tailored, sexy and stylish clothes that enhance and flatter your womanly curves and suit you best. You can easily learn how to minimize the fullness of your figure and how to balance your beautiful silhouette. Follow our tips and learn how to look sophisticated and seductive and how to wear your clothes with confidence and style.

Tops Opt for V-neck tops and blouses with a scoop neckline. These styles optically slim your chest and your neck, making you look thinner and smaller. Emphasize your gorgeous waist by choosing tops that are lighter in color and darker items for the bottom part. To accentuate your assets, choose semi-fitted blouses that sit just at your waist. However, a well-fitting bra is the absolute must wardrobe staple that lays a proper foundation for your clothes. Looser tops with waist belts are also ideal choices for your figure. Avoid too tight or oversized baggy tops, since they will make your upper body appear bigger than it really is. Go for V-neck collars and tailored shirts and jackets that hit the waist.

Dresses and skirts As the hourglass body shape is already proportional, you can show off your curvy lines in dresses and skirts with flared hems. Bias-cut dresses from a soft and light fabric look gorgeous on your ideal shape and crease in nicely at your waist. Belted shirtdresses also work great for a feminine and stylish, casual look. Do not wear baggy, shapeless dresses that hide your wonderful slender waist, if you stick to this style, make sure to pair them with trendy, narrow belts that flatter your figure. There are many styles of skirts that also work well on an hourglass shaped body. Choose skirts that accentuate your legs such as A-line cut skirts, pencil skirts or wrap skirts. Use cardigans and belted jackets with confidence to show off your curves.

Pants Think about boot-cut, wide leg, low-rise jeans and trousers, flat front pants and trousers with flared bottoms. Pants will fit nicely on your silhouette, giving you a slim look that flatters your appearance. Trousers with contoured waistband will instantly draw attention to your waist. But it is better to avoid tapered jeans and opt for simpler, pocketless styles.

Style tips for hourglass body shapes: Since the hourglass figure is stated by every magazine as being one of the most ideal body types for women, make sure you choose proper clothes that accentuate your feminine curves instead of hiding them.

Always make sure that you shop for clothes in the proper size. Baggy, large clothes will only make you look sloppy and visually make you larger.

Monochromatic outfits, accessorized with thin belts can work extremely well on your figure, giving it a nice balance, and a soft, classy look.<

By wearing the right clothes matching your body shape you can achieve a stunning look and feel confident in your own skin.

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