The new season has unveiled new trends, new colors and shapes when it comes to fashion and it seems that the new wave of trends are all about making a statement. Far from simple, the new fashionable garments created by some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses and designers manage to capture a massive amount of attention, so check out the fall/winter 2012 fashion trends and find out which of the upcoming fashion styles suit your personality best.

As we’re quickly closing in on the summer season, it’s advised to start organizing your new season wardrobe so you won’t be caught off-guard. Browse through the latest trends and plan your new wardrobe investments carefully as only this way you’ll be able to maximize the mixing and matching level of your outfits. To make your job easier, we’ve put together a selection of the fall/winter’s 2012 most popular fashion trends, so check them out and pick the style path you’re going to take this season:

Baroque Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2012

Baroque Fashion designers seems to have obsessed with baroque styles as this upcoming season the fashion podiums were dominated by the oh-so-exuberant details. Heavy baroque elements give a certain high-end, luxury appeal with a high dose of elegance and since opulence reached the highest peak this fall, going all baroque can only bring benefits to your look!

Gothic Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2012

Gothic If you thought the Gothic style was dead think again! The fall season unveiled some uber-feminine Gothic influenced ensembles that are bound to steal the spotlight. If you’re looking to make a strong visual statement with your look, go Gothic glam with all-black dresses, coats, leather pants, skirts and cool statement blouses.

Knits Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2012

Knits Keeping well into the comfort zone is a must especially when it comes to casual wear, so no wonder that designers have extended the use of knits in their collections yet for another season. From soft to chunky knits and knitted accessories, the options are limitless, so get comfy and chic by mixing a cool knitted item in your casual daywear outfit!

Leather Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2012

Leather Nothing screams elegance, luxury and timeless classicism more than leather and this upcoming season everywhere you look you’ll see leather. From accessories to cool coats, skirts and all-over leather outfits anything goes, so go soft or go bold as either way you’ll surely manage to look trendy.

Oversized Coats Trends Fall Winter 2012

Oversized Coats The cold season has brought back an array of coat styles from the classic trench coat to fab vintage oversized coats, so choose the style that suits you best. Oversized coats have a high impact over one’s look, so learn how to rock this oh-so-fab coat as this year it will be everywhere!

Masculine Inspired Trends Fall Winter 2012

Masculine Inspired The suit or the masculine inspired look has made its presence felt since last year’s fall season and it seems that this year the look is yet again on top of the trends as nothing can top the fierceness and classy look a perfectly tailored suit can bring. Paired with a cool shirt and with the right attitude, you can make heads turn!

Red Dress Trends Fall Winter 2012

The Little Red Dress The LBD might be a definite timeless must have, but this season the LBD is dethroned by the LRD, the little red dress. Red is the color for passion, so adopt an all red ensemble and prepare to wow everyone with your oh-so-sexy style.

Military Trends Fall Winter 2012

Military Style This is yet again a fashion trend that has made its way back from last year, but with a little bit of a twist. Apparently, the power of the military uniform has not only been transposed into coats but also into fabulous jackets and gorgeous, form fitting dresses. Buttons and pockets that accentuate the style are mandatory, so experiment with various looks and adopt a straight posture as these outfits will definitely boost your confidence!

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